Public Hearings

Public Hearings provide an opportunity for members of the public to speak to Council on proposed bylaws.

The following document outlines the public hearing process and provides tips for preparing for a public hearing:
Public Hearing Process and Presentation Tips

Check out the admin calendar for upcoming public hearings: 


MDP and LUB Amendment

Beaver County Council has received a request from a land owner to amend the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) to allow one additional parcel to be subdivided in a previously subdivided parcel in Plan 3808 TR; Block 1; Lot 5 on the SW 15-51-19-W4 (creating a total of seven (7) lots in the SW quarter).

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Intermunicipal Development Plan

Beaver County is considering an amendment to the Beaver County/Town of Viking
Intermunicipal Development Plan Bylaw 08-938 to add a Short-Term Annexation Area.
The Short-Term Annexation Area identifies the primary urban expansion area and will
facilitate an application from the Town of Viking to annex 49.55 acres of land for
commercial development.

Notice of Public Hearing
Bylaw 16-1043
Amended Intermunicipal Development Plan

Temporary RV Uses

Beaver County Council is considering an amendment to its Land Use Bylaw to allow the use of recreational vehicles as temporary accommodation.  Development permits will be required.

Notice of Public Hearing
Bylaw 17-1047
Proposed Changes to the Land Use Bylaw