Bottle Fill Now Open at West End Truck Fill Station

The potable water bottle fill station is now open at the West End Truck Fill Station.  Accounts set up for bulk water may also be used at the bottle fill.

The West End Truck Fill Station is open to both residential customers (self-haulers) and commercial water haulers.

The Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Truck Fill Station.  For information and to open an account for bulk water purchase, please contact the Commission Office at 780-663-2019.  The Office is located at 5019 – 50th Avenue in Ryley.

West End Truck Fill Station Dispensing System

The west end truck fill station is now open to both residential customers (self-haulers) and commercial water haulers.

We have heard concerns that the residential dispensing pipe does not extend to the customer’s water tank.  While other water stations may have a swivel-mounted dispensing pipe that allows the pipe to be lowered into the water tank, Alberta Environment guidelines require that an air gap be maintained.  This will prevent cross-contamination between the dispensing pipe and the water tank.

To bridge the gap and ensure a smooth flow of water from the hose to the tank, customers are encouraged to bring along a 5’ - 6’ length of ABS or PVC pipe with a short length of threaded rod to support the extension pipe at the water tank.  Click here for pictures of a sample set-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a water truck fill station being constructed in the west end?

In September 2013, the County conducted a survey of west end residents to gauge interest in the construction of a potable water truck fill station.  The west end of the County is densely populated and currently 56% of residents obtain potable water by hauling to a cistern or other holding tank.  Other residents are already connected to the regional waterline, have a well, or obtain water from another source.

83% of survey respondents supported the construction of one strategically located water truck fill station in the west end of the County.

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Why was only one location chosen?

Based on the last federal census, more people live south of Highway 14 (Division 2) than north of Highway 14 (Division 1).  In addition, none of the residents in Division 2 are currently serviced by the regional waterline, contrary to Division 1, where the waterline already extends to many multi-lot subdivisions and individual residences.

The chosen location is near the intersection of Highway 14 and Secondary Highway 833, west of the cemetery on Township Road 510 (see attached map).  This location was preferred as no highway intersection improvements are required (which would have increased the cost significantly) and the site is visible and easily accessible by both Division 1 and Division 2 residents.  Township Road 510 is already hard-surfaced and will be maintained to accommodate the anticipated volume of traffic that will be generated by the water truck fill station.

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Will a water truck fill station ever be constructed north of Highway 14?

County Council will monitor the use and effectiveness of the new water truck fill station and may construct a second truck fill north of Highway 14 if warranted.

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What types of customers will be permitted to draw water from the truck fill station?

Based on the September 2013 survey results, 63% of residents who store potable water on their property haul their own water while 30% obtain water through a water delivery service.

Both homeowners and commercial water haulers will be allowed to purchase water at the truck fill station.  Agricultural users will also be permitted to access the truck fill, although this number will be small.

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What is the route for the waterline extension to the truck fill station?

The attached map indicates the route of the waterline extension south from Birch Grove Estates at Township Road 512/Range Road 201, across Highway 14, past the Lindbrook Transfer Station to Township Road 510 and east to the site.

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What is the cost of the project and how will it be funded?

The cost to extend the regional waterline and construct a water truck fill station is estimated to be $1 million.

The project will be funded from the County’s reserves.  There will be no increase in taxes due to the construction of the water truck fill.

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How is the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission involved in the project?

The Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission has the expertise to design and oversee the extension of the regional waterline and the construction of a water truck fill station.  The County has entered into a design/build contract with the Commission to complete the work.

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The waterline will run right by my house.  May I connect to the line?  What will the connection cost be?

If you live in Meadowbrook Estates, the County may consider extending the waterline if there is sufficient interest.

If you are located on the route of the waterline extension and are interested in connecting to the regional waterline, the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission will coordinate the installation of water services ‘at cost’.  If there is a water main in the County road adjacent to your property, then the typical cost to connect to the pipeline is $6000.  This does not include the cost to connect the service to your residence which varies depending on the distance between your house and the property line.

Connections to the regional waterline can be done as the same time as the main extension is constructed.  A deposit of 20% of the estimated cost will be required at the time of application with the balance due upon completion of the installation.  If you are interested in this option, please contact the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission at 780-663-2019 or

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Why are booster pumps required?

Booster pumps are required to improve the flow of water through the line and maximize the capacity of the water truck fill station.  The pumps will also enable the construction of a truck fill station north of Highway 14 if one is required in the future.

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Who will operate the truck fill station?

Beaver County has entered into an agreement with the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission to operate the truck fill station, including routine maintenance, inspections, and the regular testing of water.

The Commission employs qualified and certified water system operators and has in place, the proper testing and monitoring technology to ensure that the water dispensed from the truck fill meets the high water quality standards set by Alberta Environment.

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At what rate will water be dispensed from the truck fill station?

The truck fill station is being designed to accommodate the average household use (15 m3/month) for 600 households.  Water storage that will meet one full day’s demand will be constructed on site.  The storage facility will continue to fill 24 hours per day.

There will be two dispensing bays - one fast-fill system for large commercial haulers and another system for self-haulers.

Usage at this type of facility can vary significantly and there will be maximum capacity designed into the system.  Spring and early summer demands can create seasonal peaks that exceed the maximum design capacity for short periods of time.

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What will the water rates be?

Water rates will be the same as that charged at all other water truck fill stations in Beaver County ($4.41/m3).

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How do I pay for water?  Can I prepay for water?

The water truck fill station will include a computerized dispensing system that requires the customer to periodically prepay for a specific volume of water.  As water is purchased, the credit on your account is drawn down.

Arrangements for prepaid accounts are made directly with the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission.

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What are the hours of operation of the truck fill?

The water truck fill station could be open 24 hours per day unless its use in the early morning or late night hours is a disturbance to neighbouring residents.  In that case, a timer can be installed to restrict use during specified hours.

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Who do I contact if there is a problem at the truck fill?

During construction of the water truck fill station, inquiries can be made to Beaver County at 780-663-3730 or

Once the truck fill is operational, any concerns should first be addressed to the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission at 780-663-2019 or

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When will the truck fill station be completed?  What is the timeline for construction?

The County is currently obtaining the required planning and construction approvals.  Site preparation is expected to begin in May 2014 with construction taking place over the summer and Fall.  The truck fill station should be operational by the end of 2014.

Stay tuned to the Chronicle and the County’s website ( for regular updates.

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Will roads be closed during construction?

The County will strive to minimize the impact of the construction project.  If you live or travel along the route of the waterline extension, you may experience some traffic interruptions.  The County will advise well in advance of any temporary road closures on its website (  You may also call the County Office at 780-663-3730 for updates and other information.

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Potential West End Truck Fill Station

Beaver County residents, please join us for an Open House to discuss the potential construction of a water truck fill station to serve our residents in the West End of Beaver County. We will be holding Open Houses on September 11 at Spilstead Hall and September 12 at Lindbook Hall (from 5 to 7 pm each day). 

We would like to hear your thoughts on the following topics:

  • Would you use a water truck fill station if one was constructed in the area?
  • If so, would you prefer a water truck fill station north of Highway 14, south of Highway 14, or both?
  • Do you think it should serve homeowners only or serve commercial users (large trucks) also?
  • Based on the map, what is your location preference for a water truck fill station?

For more information on the scope of the project as well as the costs associated with each option, view the Fact Sheet.

Please take the time to fill out this survey and drop it off at either of our Open Houses or at the Beaver County Service Centre in Ryley before September 30, 2013. You can also send it by fax to 780-663-3602 or by email to

If you would rather fill out and submit the survey online, please click here. Your feedback is important to us and your answers will remain anonymous.

Please note, question 8 in the survey refers to your preference for the location of the potential west end truck fill station. Please click here to view the map with potential locations shown.

If you need further information, please contact:

  • The County Service Centre at 780-663-3730
  • Reeve Bob Young (Division 1) at 780-662-2840
  • Councillor Sieko Scott (Division 2) at 780-662-4606

Thank you,

Reeve Bob Young on behalf of Beaver County Council

Darby Dietz, Director of Public Works, answering questions from a resident at the Open House on September 11 at Spilstead Hall.

Councillor Sieko Scott (Divison 2) answering questions from residents on September 11 at Spilstead Hall.