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As part of Beaver County’s roadside maintenance program the removal of brush, trees and regulated weed species within Beaver County road allowances will be resuming in May 2017.

  • Spraying for control of Noxious and Prohibited Noxious weeds, as well as, brush and trees within County road allowances will be conducted in Divisions 3 and 4 (Holden and Bruce areas) and will occur on all developed County road allowances between range roads 170 and 135.
  • Spot herbicide applications will be conducted within Divisions 1, 2 and 3 to control problem brush and weed species within County road allowances.
  • Roadside brush control efforts will be focused within Division 5 (Viking and Kinsella areas). The 2017 Brush control program will have an emphasis on the mechanical removal and clearing of County road allowances to improve traffic safety and machinery movement, eliminate areas prone to the trapping of snow in the winter months, and improve sightlines at intersections and yardsites.
  • Do Not Spray Agreements are now available to landowners who do not wish to have the County apply herbicides to the roadside ditches adjacent to their land. Beaver County will issue agreements to interested landowners until May 5, 2017
  • Roadside mowing operations will commence in June. Cutting will begin in Division 5 and proceed throughout the County.
  • For information regarding vegetation management along provincial primary and secondary highways please contact Alberta Transportation at 310-0000.

For more information please contact Mike Bates, Agricultural Fieldman, or Aimee Boese, Agricultural Fieldman, at 780-663-3730.

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