Campaign Guidelines

You may begin to campaign for office anytime, however you must file a Nomination Form first.  You must also file a Candidate Financial Information Form before you incur any campaign expenses or accept campaign contributions.

Campaign expenses are defined as any expenses incurred, or non-monetary contributions received, by a candidate for the direct promotion or opposition of a candidate during a campaign period.

A campaign contribution is any money, personal property, real property, or service that is provided to or for the benefit of a candidate’s election campaign without fair market value compensation from that candidate.  There are restrictions regarding who can make a campaign contribution and the maximum amount that can be contributed.

For further information regarding campaign expenses and campaign contributions, please refer to Part 5.1 of the Local Authorities Election Act.  Candidates are responsible for ensuring all requirements of the LAEA are met.

Before you begin campaigning, you are encouraged to review the following information:

Beaver County Candidate Information Package.
Alberta Municipal Affairs’ A Candidate’s Guide for Running for Municipal Office in Alberta.
Rural Municipalities of Alberta’s information hub: Running for Municipal Office
Alberta Health Services’ Guidance for Canvassing and Campaigning.


You may erect campaign signs provided that they are not placed on County buildings or property, they cannot destroy or deface any property, and cannot be attached to any road signs.  For more information about County sign guidelines, refer to the following:

Campaign Rules section of the Candidate Information Package,
County sign guidelines,
Alberta Transportation guidelines and website (

Campaigning and placement of campaign signs near voting stations at the Advance Vote or on Election Day are restricted.  Consult the Local Authorities Election Act or Municipal Affairs’ guide for more information.