Notice of Public Hearing


Beaver County Council has given first reading to a Surface Drainage Bylaw and is now inviting public input.

The Surface Drainage Bylaw will enable the County to investigate drainage-related complaints wherever the County has jurisdiction over drainage and waterbodies.  This applies primarily to the registered subdivisions in Divisions One and Two.

Surface water diversions on agricultural lands remain under the jurisdiction of Alberta Environment and Parks and may require an authorization from Alberta Environment and Parks.

The County’s Surface Drainage Bylaw prohibits the alteration of the surface elevation or grade of any property (public or private) if such work creates a nuisance or danger, adversely affects the stability of a slope, alters an on-site storm water management system, or alters the elevation of an adjacent property.

The Bylaw also restricts naturally occurring drainage features or easements from being filled, drained, or redirected.

Enforcement of the Bylaw includes the power of a County Designated Officer to enter onto the property (after reasonable notice is given) to carry out an inspection and obtain information.

The Designated Officer may issue a fine for contravention of the Bylaw and/or may issue an Order to a person to return the property to its original state.  The costs incurred for the remediation action are the responsibility of the landowner or the person who caused the contravention.

Click here to view the proposed Surface Drainage Bylaw.

Public input is welcome and Council has scheduled public hearings to accommodate written, virtual, and in-person presentations. Click here for the notice of the public hearings.  Click here for information regarding the various methods of participation at the public hearings or contact Cindy Cox, Executive Assistant, at 825-385-0067.