Public Hearings

Public hearings provide an opportunity for members of the public to speak to Council on proposed bylaws.

The following document outlines the public hearing process and provides tips for preparing for a public hearing:
Public Hearing Process and Presentation Tips.  Note that the process may vary slightly due to the electronic nature of the hearing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out the admin calendar for upcoming public hearings:

Click here for information regarding the October 7, 2020 public hearing to hear arguments for and against the removal of the duplication of the definition “Recycling Depots” found in Bylaw 98-801 – Land Use Bylaw, Section 8.1 Definitions, Subsection (78).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government of Alberta has enacted the Meeting Procedures (COVID-19 Suppression) Regulation pursuant to Order in Council 50/2020 to permit public hearings to be conducted electronically rather than in person.  The hearings have been structured so that all who wish to participate will have the right to hear and view all discussions and speak for or against the subject matter.  Click here  to explore the opportunities to participate in the public hearings.  Note that Zoom sign-in information changes with each meeting.  Contact the Beaver County Services Centre at 780-663-3730 for updated information.