Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision

Strategic planning is a foundational step towards a focused and prosperous future for Beaver County. Sharpening our focus will bring specialized opportunities and propel the County as leaders in the region.

County Council has undertaken a strategic planning exercise that builds on the Municipal Sustainability Plan that was developed with community input in 2017.

To view the Municipal Sustainability Plan, click here.
To learn more about Council’s Vision, Goals, and Results, click here.
To view the Strategic Plan, click here.

County Council will implement its strategic goals utilizing a priority-based budgeting approach. This approach will maximize value and allocate resources to the programs and services that are most important to our residents. Information regarding the priority-based budgeting project will be posted in the next few weeks.

County Council is excited about the future of our region. Through this plan, and together with our partners and the public, we step into an exciting future of regional leadership. We encourage you to join us on this journey!