Vision & Values

Beaver County Vision

An integrated, proactive community where innovation and progressive, practical leadership will forge a legacy for future generations through balanced environmental and economic sustainability.

Ready and prepared for diverse growth, we will preserve our area as "a place to call home" through open, transparent engagement to ensure an ongoing safe, resilient community.

Beaver County Values

People-focused approach
: Beaver County is committed to maintaining a good quality of life for all residents and will make decisions with the public's best interest in mind.

Integrity: Beaver County will act with honesty, sincerity and genuineness when conducting its daily business activities.

Transparency: Beaver County will be open and accessible and will promote citizen engagement. 

Fairness: Beaver County will be reasonable and impartial when making decisions and upholding policies and processes.

Consistency: Beaver County will seek to follow precedent to ensure regularity and continuity, while recognizing the uniqueness of every situation.

Accountability: Beaver County accept responsibility for its actions - we will do what we say and say what we do.