Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Beaver County Council is pleased to announce the approval of the Beaver County Strategic Plan (2020 – 2030).  The Plan was approved unanimously at the Council Meeting of November 20, 2019. The Strategic Plan serves as an aspirational guiding document created to maximize the collective efforts of our community and achieve the most beneficial results possible.

Strategic plans have always been useful to align collective effort but have historically been under-utilized to drive decision-making. There are numerous reasons for this but one of the biggest contributors has been our growth. When times are relatively good, it can be difficult to understand the need to focus on a long-term plan with short, medium, and long-term targets. 

As the community is likely aware, Beaver County is facing numerous significant challenges as we look to the future. These include expectations from a new Provincial Government, an assessment base that is shrinking in some key areas, and global influences that are being felt much closer to home than ever before. In times like these, a long-term plan for prosperity is critical for our future success.

This Strategic Plan is different than many others that have preceded it and many others from other municipalities. Our Strategic Plan has goal statements and complementary results as the drivers for future decision-making. These elements provide more clarity than has ever been seen in our Strategic Plans and raises the bar for common understanding and subsequent expectations for success.

As Reeve Jim Kallal has stated “this version of the Beaver County Strategic Plan sets a new standard for clarity of purpose while also being laser-focused on accountability for results. I am proud of the community’s collective efforts to get us here and excited to see Beaver County as a leader among other municipalities.”  

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