Strategic Vision, Goals, and Results

Strategic Vision, Goals, & Results

An important step has been taken by Council in the journey towards adopting a Priority-Based Budgeting approach to allocating Beaver County resources. On October 10, 2019, County Council approved a new vision, a set of goals, and corresponding results on which to base a 10-year strategic plan.

Council spent time completing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of the current environment from which the municipality must operate. They also used their engagement with the community since being elected and foundational documents like the Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP) and previously approved priorities to influence the new strategic direction.

The new vision β€œBeaver County: We are an innovative leader in food, energy, and housing” is not a huge departure from the vision within the MSP, and Council felt both are important. The new vision is reflective of a condensing of priorities for which administration will be asked to focus in a shorter timeframe than the MSP. As well, the Province of Alberta has indicated, via the MacKinnon report, that municipalities can expect less revenue from the Government of Alberta and this was factored into very clear direction from Council.

Reeve Jim Kallal feels this strategic planning effort β€œis different than any other we have completed. We have created a series of goals along with results that illustrate what we expect to see when we are successful in achieving the goals. This will mean that our administration knows, with more clarity than ever before, our expectations.”

Goals and results are as follows. Note that these are "future-facing" goals and results. They do not reflect the current situation; rather the stated results are one mechanism that enhances transparency of Council's actions to the public for achievement of Council's strategic vision.


Our lifestyle options are known as a strength.

  • We have unique recreation opportunities in the community.
  • Our farming history has solidified our culture.
  • Acreage and country residential development attracts new citizens.
  • Our urban and rural communities in the region are growing in a sustainable manner.


Citizens benefit from our diverse assessment base.

  • We have an industrial park.
  • Many new agricultural businesses have started operations.
  • We have a new seed plant.
  • There are numerous greenhouses in our community.
  • We see more businesses supporting our industry.


We are seen as leaders in the Capital Region.

  • We are recognized for our efforts in Priority-Based Budgeting.
  • Our relationship with our municipal partners is seen as an example for others.
  • We drive innovation in waste management.
  • Niche crop development starts here.
  • Unique advancements in energy form part of our reputation.


We are confident in the stability of our infrastructure investments.

  • We have a long-term plan for our road network.
  • We have a financial plan in place to support our community assets.
  • Drainage plans are in place.
  • Industrial assessment has grown.
  • Municipal equipment is in sound condition.

Following approval of the vision, goals, and results, Council approved a Strategic Plan.

This document includes a narrative around what citizens can expect to see as a result of the strategic plan and how it might impact their daily lives. The next step will involve development of a business plan and budget built around achieving success in the areas identified by Council.

Any questions about the process to date or upcoming work can be directed to your Councillor or by contacting the Beaver County Service Centre at 780-663-3730.