Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) includes five County Councillors and four Public Members at Large. Aimee Boese, and Mike Bates, the County's Agricultural Fieldmen, are responsible for administering the programs under the Agricultural Service Board Act.

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What We Do

The Board's vision is to develop and implement programs and services that will assist County residents to maintain and improve the efficiency and sustainability of our family farms and rural communities. The ASB will create independence and opportunity through education and will provide agricultural services that sustain agricultural resources within the County.

Programs administered and/or assisted with include:

  • Weed and Brush Control
  • Agricultural Pest and Nuisance Control
  • Water and Soil Conservation
  • Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture  

Contact Us 

Aimee Boese, Agricultural Fieldman:
Jonathan Culbert, Agricultural Fieldman:

For more information about Agricultural Services in Beaver County, call (780) 663-3730.