2019 Vegetation Management Program Update

As part of Beaver County’s roadside maintenance program, the removal of trees, brush, and regulated weed species within Beaver County road allowances will be running from May through October 2019.

  • Herbicide applications for control of Noxious and Prohibited Noxious weeds, as well as, brush and trees within County road allowances will be conducted in Divisions 1, 2, and 3 (Tofield and Ryley areas).
  • Spot herbicide applications will also be conducted within Division 5 to control tree and brush regrowth within County road allowances.
  • Mechanical roadside brush control efforts will be focused within Divisions 1, 2, 3 (Tofield and Ryley areas). The mechanical removal and clearing of trees from County road allowances is targeted at improving traffic safety and machinery movement, eliminating areas prone to the trapping of snow in the winter months and improving sightlines at intersections and yard sites.
  • Roadside mowing operations will commence in late June/early July, depending on growing conditions. Roadside mowing will be conducted on all County roads west of Secondary Highway 834, and only hard surfaced roads east of Secondary Highway 834.
  • For information regarding weed control, brush control, and haying along provincial primary and secondary highways please contact Alberta Transportation at 310-0000.

For more information regarding the 2019 Beaver County Vegetation Management Program, or service requests related to vegetation management, please contact Mike Bates, Agricultural Fieldman, or Aimee Boese, Agricultural Fieldman, at 780-663-3730.

Weed Control

Beaver County recognizes that road allowances serve as a pathway for the movement of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds around the County.  It is for this reason that Beaver County applies herbicides, mows, and seeds it’s roadside ditches to control and stop the spread of invasive plants through the County.

Beaver County has adopted a Weed Control Policy to remedy weed problems within the County.  Each year Beaver County sprays approximately one-third of its road allowances to control weeds along roadsides.  This is done on a rotational basis throughout the County, for a map of where and when the County will be spraying in your area please click here.

Please bear in mind that Beaver County is not responsible for the maintenance of primary and secondary highways which run through the County.  To report problems along provincial highways please contact Alberta Transportation.

Noxious Weeds

If these plants look familiar, give us a call!

Tree Management

Beaver County will remove problem trees and shrubs within County road allowances which inhibit road maintenance operations, compromise the integrity of the road surface, reduce visibility, and pose a risk to overall traffic safety.  The County performs these operations on a three-year rotation throughout Beaver County.  The County utilizes a combination of mechanical and herbicide control methods to control trees and shrubs within County roadways as stated in the County’s Roadside Brush Control Policy.  To find out when tree removal operations will be taking place in your area click here

Beaver County will also remove trees and shrubs from private land near intersections within the County. The County will not remove trees on private land until a written agreement is obtained from the landowner. The County actively seeks to obtain agreements and aims to work proactively with landowners in order to improve sightlines and traffic safety for County residents and visitors of the County. 

Roadside Mowing

Beaver County will begin its 2018 roadside mowing operations during the last week of June or first week of July, depending on growing conditions. Mowing operations will begin in Divisions 1 and 2 and progress east throughout the County. The County will mow all County roads west of Secondary Highway 834 and, hard surfaced roads east of Secondary Highway 834. Please let this serve as a reminder to keep gates and other debris out of County ditches, and approaches as they are difficult for the operators to see.

For information regarding mowing along primary and secondary highways within the County please contact Alberta Transportation.

For any questions regarding Beaver County's Roadside Weed Control Program, Tree Management Program, or Mowing Program please call or email Mike Bates, Agricultural Fieldman, at (780) 663-3730.