Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer

The position of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is established by bylaw, and responsibilities are outlined in Sections 207 and 208 of the Municipal Government Act.   

The Chief Administrative Officer is Council’s only employee. He/she is responsible for all aspects of administration, and is the primary communication link between Council/Councillors/Reeve and County administration/staff.  He/she is accountable to Council for implementation of policy and the effective and efficient delivery of services to residents. Council has the authority to direct the CAO only, and is to do so collectively, rather than individually

The CAO must ensure that Council is kept informed about the operation of the municipality and issues affecting it locally, provincially, and federally. It is important that the Chief Administrative Officer remain politically neutral, advise Council of pertinent and appropriate information based on the facts of the issue, and support Council’s decisions to administration, staff, ratepayers, residents, and other affected parties. 


Contact Us

Beaver County Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Kayleena Spiess as the County’s new Chief Administrative Officer.  Click here to read the announcement.

Ms. Spiess may be reached by e-mail at or directly at 825-385-0068.