Community Development

Community Development

Beaver County's Community Development department includes strategic planning, recreation, culture and community services, and communications.   

Strategic Planning

  • Assists with content and implementation of municipal censuses and surveys in support of strategic goals and objectives

Community Economic Development

  • Provides advice and support to community groups on community development initiatives, including funding applications and strategies

Recreation, Culture & Community Services

  • Manages Beaver County's campgrounds at Black Nugget Lake and Camp Lake
  • Processes requests for promotional and other community support items


  • Develops and implements an internal and external communications plan with various forms of media
  • Coordinates regular and special event advertising for all County departments
  • Prepares media releases, briefing packages and speaking notes
  • Maintains the County's website


  • Plans and coordinates all promotional events and initiatives
  • Maintains a promotional items register
  • Ensures proper use of County logo, name and other proprietary materials by internal and external stakeholders

Contact Us

Susan Lungal, Community Development Coordinator: