Bylaws and Policies

Land Use Planning
The Municipal Government Act (MGA) is the legislative framework in which all municipalities across the Province of Alberta operate. It provides the governance model for municipalities and lays the foundation of how we function, including areas in planning and development.

Planning decisions are guided by statutory plans, bylaws, and policies adopted by County Council. These adopted statutory plans must be consistent with each other. For any conflict or inconsistency between statutory plans: the intermunicipal development plan will prevail over a municipal development plan; the municipal development plan will prevail over an area structure plan. These statutory plans help guide the regulations in the land use bylaw. Additionally,  non-statutory plans are other policy documents that help guide decision making; they are often developed to provide guidance for development in an area.

Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDP)
Municipalities that share a common boundary may adopt an IDP.  An IDP is a statutory plan that identifies any conflict relating to planning activities within and around another municipality; and ensures orderly development by reducing any unnecessary costs and negative impacts on either municipality.

Municipal Development Plan (MDP)
The MDP is a statutory plan that establishes policies for land use and other matters for the entire municipality. It is a high level document that provides leadership and direction in the conservation of agricultural land, preservation of environmentally sensitive areas, and provisions for the infrastructure necessary to encourage sustainable and economic development.                                                                                                                 

Area Structure Plans (ASP)
An ASP is a statutory plan that provides land use policies for a specific area within the municipality.

Bylaw 18-1063 - EIP ASP (November 28 2018)

 Land Use Bylaw (LUB)
The LUB is a planning tool that helps implement the goals in the land use plans and regulates development within the County. All parcels of land are divided into different districts; each district consists of development regulations and permitted or discretionary uses to be considered.             

In addition to the County’s statutory plans and land use bylaw, the following policies and documents are taken into consideration in making any planning or development decisions:                                                          

Other Documents

  • Highway 14 Corridor Plan – this document, in collaboration with the Towns and Villages, manages the growth and uses along the Highway 14 Plan area to avoid current and future land use conflict with transportation plans.
  • Municipal Sustainability Plan – this document outlines the long-term goals and targets grounded in sustainability principles.
  • West End Growth Management Plan – this document manages the growth and density in the West End.

Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICF)
All municipalities sharing a common boundary will be required to adopt an ICF by March 31, 2020. An ICF highlights and formalizes existing collaborative work between adjacent municipalities and provides a forum for neighbouring municipalities to work together. The goal is to enable municipalities to collaborate regarding service delivery and cost-sharing.  

The County is in the process of working with our neighbouring municipalities. Any updates will be provided on this page.

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