Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan

Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan

On November 28, 2018, Beaver County Council adopted the updated Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan (EIP ASP). A public hearing was held on November 13, 2018. No concerns were raised at the public hearing.

Click here  to view the Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan.

  1. The Vision of the EIP ASP is to allow light and medium processing, manufacturing, warehousing, and related supportive development to contribute to the economic diversification and success of the County while protecting important environmental features and wetlands from development impacts.
  2. Development is limited to the existing lots in NW 3, NE 3, and a portion of the S ½ 3 not occupied by wetlands.
  3. Acceptable uses include light and medium industrial, limited commercial, low-impact/eco-friendly industrial, and wetland conservation or restoration.
  4. The existing water and sewer systems can accommodate some growth, although upgrades may be required as development progresses.
  5. Stormwater drainage improvements are required for both the existing development in NW 3 and for future development in NE 3.
  6. Wildlife surveys and/or biophysical assessments may be required prior to development to confirm environmental sensitivities.
  7. There are a significant number of wetlands on the property that could be extremely expensive to replace according to Alberta Environment’s wetland compensation policy.  The preferred option is avoidance of wetland disturbance followed by “transfer credit” or “wetland banking” options. 



Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan

Beaver County has been working with a local Steering Committee to develop a strategy for land use in the County’s Equity Industrial Park. The Equity Industrial Park is located adjacent to Highway 14 and the Village of Ryley. To complement the work of the Steering Committee, the County recently initiated a project to update the Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan (ASP).

The County would like to revisit the Equity Industrial ASP to explore appropriate industrial land uses, optimization of the Park layout for the efficient extension of infrastructure, wetland conservation, and to incorporate recently acquired lands into the Industrial Park.

The project will be completed in four phases:

Phase 1 – Project initiation (August 2015)

Phase 2 – Current state analysis – “Where are we now?”

Phase 3 – Principles, draft policies, and preliminary land use concept - “Where are we going?”

Phase 4 – Finalizing the ASP - “How will we get there?”

The Equity Industrial Park ASP will be developed collaboratively with stakeholders and the public. Watch for announcements for opportunities for public input related to this project.

The County has hired Stantec Consulting to work with the Steering Committee on the Equity Industrial Park ASP project. For more information about the project please contact:

Margaret Jones, Assistant CAO, Beaver County
E-mail: mjones@beaver.ab.ca
Tel: (780) 663-3730

Call for Steering Committee Members

Beaver County Council is seeking members to sit on a Steering Committee that will explore a development strategy for the Equity Industrial Park and surrounding area near Ryley.

The Equity Industrial Park, east of Secondary Highway 854, consists of 3 quarter sections of land to be developed into an industrial park, complementary to the Village of Ryley and nearby Clean Harbors' and Beaver Municipal Solutions' waste management facilities.  Click here for a map of the area.

There is continued interest in the sale of lots in the Park and Council wishes to develop a strategy that will provide for a clearer vision of development for residents and potential developers, a streamlined permit approval process, enhanced marketing of the Park, and economic spin-offs for the area.

The Steering Committee will work with local stakeholders and County Council to create a strategy that will benefit County taxpayers and area residents, and complement surrounding businesses.  Activities will include the following:

a)  review the existing Area Structure Plan;
b)  act as a conduit to engage stakeholders;
c)  participate in Open Houses(s) with area residents and other stakeholders to obtain input into the strategy;
d)  provide feedback and recommendations to County Council regarding future development.

The work of the Steering Committee may result in amendments to the County's planning documents that regulate development in the Park.

The timeline for completion of the strategy is Spring 2015.  There may be 5-10 Committee meetings during this period.  Steering Committee members will be compensated for travel expenses to attend meetings and Open House(s).

If you would like to play a key role in planning for the future growth and development of the Equity Industrial Park and surrounding area, you are invited to submit an Expression of Interest to Beaver County at the following address:

Beaver County
5120 - 50th Street
Box 140
Ryley, AB   T0B 4A0
Attention:  Margaret Jones

For an application form, click here or contact Margaret Jones, Assistant CAO, at mjones@beaver.ab.ca or 780-663-3730.

Deadline for applications is noon, Monday, June 16, 2014.