Maps and Web Mapping

Maps & Web Mapping

Maps & Web Mapping

For a detailed map, contact the County Office at (780) 663-3730. Maps are available for sale by pick-up - $15.00, or by mail - $20.00 (GST not included).
For an online PDF version click here.

Web Mapping Site

Beaver County’s web-based mapping site offers users access to location data that can be tailored by the click of a mouse.

The site will help you search for land and facilities throughout the County, create and print maps, identify your municipal electoral division, and more!

The site operates in conjunction with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – a set of tools that captures, stores, analyzes, manages and presents data that is linked to location(s) throughout the County. Beaver County uses GIS for planning / development, road maintenance, agricultural service planning, map generation, property searches, etc. 

Access the site by clicking here. For instructions on using the web mapping tool, click here.

Other Maps

Municipal Development Plan (2020 Consolidation)

Land Use Bylaw - Land Use District (2020)