OHV Safety

Off-Highway Vehicle Safety

As you head outside for a ride, Beaver County would like to remind you to be safe while operating off-highway vehicles, such as quads, snowmobiles and dirt bikes. 

Beaver County’s Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw authorizes the operation of OHVs within its boundaries.

The Bylaw applies to: 

  • Any person who owns, rents or has exclusive use of an off-highway vehicle;
  • Any person who drives or is in physical control of an off-highway vehicle;
  • Any person who is a passenger on an off-highway vehicle; and
  • Any road that is under the direction, control and management of the County.
  • Any person in control of the OHV (i.e. parent or guardian), who operates the OHV or who is a passenger on an OHV, and contravenes the Bylaw, is guilty of an offense and may be levied a penalty, as follows: First offense $100; Second offense $250; Each subsequent offense within one year $500

Tips for Riding Safely

Remember to wear a helmet — it is mandatory.

  • Travel up to 30 kilometres per hour in Hamlets and multi-lot subdivision roads and up to 50 kilometres per hour on County roads.
  • Carry only as many passengers as your off-highway vehicle is designed for.
  • Drive on the extreme right-hand side of the road, travelling in single file and in the same direction as other traffic. Riding in the ditches or on County property is not allowed and Hamlet streets are only to be used to exit from and return to the Hamlet.
  • Ride between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
  • Only those who hold a valid Operator's Licence (including drivers under the Graduated Drivers License program) may operate an off-highway vehicle.

Maintaining a safe, resilient community is a priority for Beaver County. If you have concerns about off-highway vehicles in your neighbourhood, please contact us at (780) 663-3730 or 1-866-663-1333. If you are calling after hours, please leave a message with our 24-hour call answer service.   

Off-Highway Vehicle Safety