Slow Down on County Roads

The speed on roads in Beaver County is 80 km/h, unless otherwise posted. This applies to both gravel and oiled roads, which are both designed to be travelled safely at the posted speeds. Of course, inclement weather conditions may warrant slower speeds to be safe.

The County's Community Peace Officers regularly monitor roads in the County.

Dangerous Speeds

Regular monitoring of other areas including the entry road to Beaver Creek Estates, Black Nugget Road (RR 182), Spilstead Road (RR 205) and TWP 512 has also revealed the tendency of individuals to speed excessively. 

Applicable Fines

Speeding on County roads is not without penalty - the Traffic Safety Act still applies even when you're out in the country. Here are some of the fines that you may face if you choose to speed:

# of km over speed limit              Fine ($)

15                                            120                                        
20                                            167   
25                                            203
30                                            239
35                                            296
40                                            357
45                                            414
50                                            474

Speeds in excess of 50 km/hour over the speed limit may result in an automatic court date.

For more information contact Beaver County at (780) 663-3730 or email: administration@beaver.ab.ca.