Spring Flooding

Even if a road looks safe, it may not be!

Beaver County is experiencing some flooding and washouts on roads.  A list of roads currently reported as flooded or washed out is available by clicking here.

Please note:
This list is only accurate as of 11:30 am, March 29, 2019.  Roads are closed as necessary and opened as repairs are made.  Please watch for barriers, and do not drive on closed roads.  For your safety, drive with extreme caution.  Please slow down and take caution around any Public Works staff as they work.  Where hazardous areas are identified, please do not remove barricades.

Public Works crews will be working to confirm road status and monitor hazardous areas and water levels for changes.  If you observe hazardous road conditions (floods and/or washouts) that appear to be unmarked, please report it to 780-663-3730.  This phone number is in effect 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The list of roads affected will be updated as conditions change.

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County crews will be busy grading roads and re-establishing a crown to gravel roads where possible. 
The seasonal gravel haul has restarted with the first roads to be graveled south of Ryley.  
Work continues on Township Road 514 east of Highway 630, and Township Road 492 east of Highway 834. 
Patching continues on oiled roads. 
Culvert replacement and clearing is being completed throughout the County along with beaver trapping and removal of beaver dams where warranted.  
Seasonal road bans have been relaxed/removed with some exceptions.
Dust Control is set to begin May 31, (weather permitting).


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