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CN Rail rehabs the tracks at Lindbrook

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CN Rail is rehabbing the tracks at Lindbrook. This requires full closure of Secondary 630.
The proposed date of construction is Friday, June 21, 2019 at 12:00 pm with a completion date of Friday, June 21, 2019 at midnight (12:00am).
Please use the detour route of Township 512 and Range Road 195 for Southbound traffic and Range Road 202 and Secondary 630 for Northbound traffic.


Work Zone - General Considerations

Recommended Action or Requirements

Scope and duration of work

CN Rail will be doing a rehab and repair to the crossing on Secondary 630 near Lindbrook. They will be taking out the old track and replacing it.

We will be detouring the travelling public since there will be open excavation. The affected area is North of Highway 14 on Secondary 630 North of Lindbrook

Traffic Volumes

The traffic volumes for this road is 1380 AADT.

Available sight distance

The railway crossing is just north of Highway 14 on a straight stretch of highway with no hills.

Grade-line of highway

There is minimal grade to the Highway and all adjacent lands.

The use of only those Traffic Control devices which are necessary to clearly warn, advise and control the traffic.

We will only be detouring vehicles while CN is repairing the faulty tracks for one day. The signage will be placed on the highway and as per the attached TAS and an ATTC certified persons will be on site.

Speed limits must be appropriate for the conditions. When reductions in speed are necessary, the speed must be reduced over a reasonable distance

The posted speed limit on Secondary 630 in the affected area is 100 kilometres per hour. except within the corporate limits of Lindbrook.

The provision of a buffer between traffic and workers whenever possible

The buffer will required when they are on the tracks.

OHS legislature pertaining to clothing, hardhats, etc., to be worn by workers

All TCPs wear high vis yellow from head to toe, hard hats, steel toes approved footwear and eyewear appropriate for the conditions.

Weather conditions (dust, rain or snow)

It is on a paved highway so the only conditions we have to contend with is heat exposure or rain. We are equipped to deal with both.

Site specific safety issues

There are no site-specific safety concerns beyond normal recommended practices. A safety meeting every morning before the commencement of work to make sure everyone is on board with the hospital location and to discuss safety issues that may arise.

Emergency Contact Name & Number

Kathie Suto 780-268-0525  

Kelly/CN 780-385-4205


Providing safety for workers and motorists.