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Condition of Upgraded Roads

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Condition of Upgraded Roads

This year the County upgraded a number of County roads: Township Rd 492, Township Rd 510, Range Road 201, Township Road 512 east of Secondary Highway 630, Township Road 512 west of Secondary Highway 834, and Creamery Road south of Township Road 512. A portion of Creamery Road is within Town of Tofield boundaries but the County is completing the upgrading.

The process used is base stabilization with soil cement, followed by a chip seal process. The chip seal process involves covering the stabilized base with a “fog coat” or “seal coat” and allowing that to cure.  Then a first layer of chip seal is laid over a tack coat, packed and allowed to cure.  A final second coat of chip seal is then applied over a tack coat, packed and allowed to cure.  Then the road is swept.  This treatment has produced excellent roads throughout much of the County in the past 5 years.

The County upgrades the base with County forces, and contracts out the surface upgrading portion (chip seal) to outside contractors. The County is not satisfied with the condition of the chip seal surface completed on these roads and is working with the contractor to remedy the condition.

The County will ensure that the roads have a smooth, safe surface heading into the winter season. Thank you for your patience.