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Construction Update - Terracem Projects

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A light tac coat has been applied to Township Road 512 from Highway 834 to RR 191 (Creamery Road), and Range Road 191 (Creamery Road), south of TWP 512 to 53 Ave in Tofield, and is re-open for traffic and public use.  Please exercise caution and observe traffic/construction signs when travelling these roads.

All Terracem cementing has been completed and now chip seal needs to be applied to achieve the hard surface.  This is not asphalt, but the end result will seem similar to residents and the travelling public, and will result in roads that are not dusty when dry, nor muddy when wet.

The contractor will return in the next couple of weeks to apply the chip seal.  Range Road 191 and Township Road 512 will receive the first lift.  All other roads (Township Roads 492 and 510, and Range Road 201) will receive their 2nd lift and will be complete.  Following this work, the contractor will return to Township Road 512 and Range Road 191 for the 2nd lift, and then those roads will be complete.

During this time, the roads may be closed to allow crews to work safely; however, access for local landowners will be maintained during construction. We encourage patrons to take alternate routes until the projects are complete.

There are potential hazards to the public and vehicles during the construction process. This can include heavy machinery, dust or mud, and road materials such as gravel, asphalt coatings, and rock chips. After the roads are stabilized, a coat of chip seal will be applied that can make your vehicle dirty.

Finally, there will be loose rock chips present for some time after application that can scratch your vehicle. The final chips will be brushed off after the surface has cured (generally after a few weeks).

Please be advised the speed limit will be 50 km/h while posted, as there will be crews on the road who need to work safely, and it will help keep the loose rock chips more stationary.

This schedule is weather dependent.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during construction. If you have any questions, please call the Beaver County Service Centre at 780-663-3730.