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May 17 Deadline for Do Not Spray Agreements

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Vegetation Management on Municipal Roads

Vegetation management activities on municipal road allowances in Beaver County will resume on May 6, 2013.

Brushing will be undertaken to improve line-of-sight at intersections and yard-site driveways: 

  • Within 125 feet of intersections, all brush on the road allowance will be controlled.
  • Within 125 feet of yard-site driveways, up to 4 feet of brush may be left on the outside edge of the road allowance, if the driveway is not near an intersection. 

Herbicide applications will be undertaken to control problem vegetation, with the following restrictions to sensitive locations:

  • Within Hamlets and Country Residential areas, only roadside brush that cannot be readily or safely controlled with our mowing program may be treated with herbicide.
  • Adjacent to occupied yard-sites and community facilities, roadside brush may only be treated using a backpack.
  • Adjacent to water dugouts, roadside brush may only be treated after informing the landowner.
  • Roadside weeds in front of water dugouts, occupied yard-sites, and community facilities will not be treated without landowner consultation and permission.

Herbicide applications within 30 metres of open bodies of water may be conducted as per Pesticide Special Use Approval #10425-03-00.

Do Not Spray Agreements are available to landowners who do not wish to have the County apply herbicides to the roadside ditches adjacent to their land:

  • Do Not Spray Agreements can be signed at the Beaver County office in Ryley (5223 - 46 Street). Agreements are now renewed on an annual basis, as long as the landowner continues to fulfill his/her obligation under them.
  • Beaver County will issue Agreements until May 17, 2013.

For more information, contact Aimee Boese, Agricultural Fieldman, Beaver County at (780) 663-3730. For information regarding herbicide applications along provincial highways, contact Carillion Canada Inc at (780) 632-5063.


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