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Public Works Update 05.16.18

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All grader operations are ongoing and working on general gravel road repairs that have resulted due to the spring thaw.
Maintenance crews are busy patching oiled road surfaces (currently southwest of Tofield), and repairing roads that have been damaged by flooding and frost released from the ground.
Culvert crews are working on replacing a large number of culverts. This will be an ongoing project through the summer months.
Preparation for Terracem Cement for TWP 492 has started, with the project to begin construction on June 11, 2018. (Weather Permitting)
Application of calcium chloride dust suppressant will begin on the east end of the County this year, with a potential start date of May 22, 2018. (Weather Permitting)
The 2018 Gravel Program has been placed on hold until the fall, to allow crews to focus on road construction matters.