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Terracem Process

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Beaver County is applying a chip seal to Range Road 112 between Highway 619 and the entrance to Camp Lake Park, and to Township Road 470 between Highway 870 and Range Road 105.

The first step in this process is to perform shoulder pulls on the roads. A shoulder pull is when they recrown a road and bring it back to its originally designed width. Once the shoulder pulls are completed and the road preparation is done, Terracem is sprayed onto the pulverized road (as seen in photo 1), mixed into the road base and used as a stabilizer (as seen in photo 2). Terracem is defined as a “specialized blend of cementitious and other construction materials” and is commonly referred to as “soil cement”.   It is an effective way to increase the strength of the road and will allow the road to withstand heavy loads and large volumes of traffic, making it ideal for the Camp Lake road. It also uses and reuses the material already in place in the road base so as not to waste any materials in the road before it is redone.

Once that portion of the process is completed, and the road is compacted into a smooth surface, a prime coat of oil is applied to the roads surface to repel rain until the chip seal is applied (as seen in photo 3). This also acts as a bonding agent between the stabilized road base and the chip seal.

The last step of the process is to apply two layers of chip seal. This consists of spraying a layer of oil on the road and covering it in small aggregate. The oil adheres the aggregate to the road which will increase traction for the traffic travelling on the road. This completes the process and you end up with a newly finished, stronger road, and an all-weather dust and mud free surface.

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