Snow & Ice Clearing

Snow & Ice Clearing

Beaver County's Plow Truck, Purchased 2011

Reinforcing its commitment to the safety of the travelling public, County Council adopted a new Level of Service Policy for Snow and Ice Clearing in 2014.


Q. When will the County commence snow and ice control? 
A. Snow and ice control will generally commence when snowfall accumulation reaches 100 mm.

The County will endeavour to have bus routes, major collectors, and resource roads opened within 48 hours and all local roads opened within 72 hours, unless weather conditions do not allow these timelines to be met, or in the event of a severe snow event.

Snow and ice control may be commenced before accumulations have reached 100 mm if, in the opinion of the County, road conditions could become unsafe if left unattended.

Q. What does the County consider to be a severe snow event? 
A. A severe snow event is a winter storm which has made numerous County roads impassable and is adversely affecting the ability of County crews to keep the roads open.

Q. How will the County respond in a severe snow event? 
A. In the case of a severe snow event, the County will provide the necessary resources and response to mitigate the impact to County residents and to reduce the potential damage to County-controlled infrastructure.

External resources may be hired in these circumstances at the discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer or his designate.

The health and safety of the County's equipment operators will not be compromised in its response to a severe snow event.

In the case of a severe snow event, the County may only open a single driving lane to keep as many roads passable as possible, before returning to open the entire roadway.

Q. What order will the roads be cleared? 
A. Snow and ice control will be carried out based on the following order of priority:

a. All bus routes;
b. All major collector and resource roads which are not bus routes;
c. All minor collector roads which are not bus routes;
d. All local roads which are not bus routes;
e. Roadways and driveways used to access emergency service providers (e.g. fire halls)
f. Snow clearing of private driveways;
g. Snow clearing of private approaches (if not done as part of snow clearing);
h. Snow clearing of public facilities as requested (e.g. community halls);
i. Unmaintained road allowances used for agricultural purposes, on a per request basis as equipment and resources are available.

The equipment operator may vary from the order of priority above, where in his/her sole discretion, it is more advantageous to the County to immediately plow a road, driveway, or approach than to return after completing higher priorities.

Q. Can the County clear my driveway? 
A. The County may provide snowplowing services of driveways subject to the following conditions:

a. The County will provide the service at its discretion subject to the priorities established by this Policy.
b. Landowner(s) have signed a right-of-entry agreement provided by the County. Snow Removal Driveway Grading Agreement
c. The County will determine whether the service can be provided without causing damage to property or to County equipment in terms of width of area or turning area.
d. Owner will contact the County Office when driveways require the service. The operator will complete the service at his/her discretion for the optimum benefit of the area of Snow and Ice Control. The operator shall then submit to the County Office a time and location for billing purposes.
e. The County has establish a fee for service for private snow clearing click here.
f.  Where property is not clearly marked with the rural address sign, the County may not provide snow clearing service.

To review the Policy in its entirety, call the County Office at (780) 663-3730 for a copy or click here.