General Accounts and Tax Payment Information

The County accepts various methods of payment for services it provides, including:
a) cash, money order, and Interac,
b) cheque,
c) electronic (on-line banking, direct debit, wire transfer, etc.),
d) credit card (for payments other than property taxes).

Click here for information regarding payment options for property taxes.

When making payment electronically, please allow 2-3 business days for processing in Canada.  International payments may take considerably more time. 

Note that due to COVID-19 physical distancing and sanitation requirements, access to the County Services Centre is restricted.  Customers, residents, and landowners are strongly encouraged to make payments by methods that do not require attendance at the County Office.

Please refer to the Curbside Service section for pick-up or drop-off of certain items or time-sensitive documents.  Note that a drop box is available 24/7 to the right of the Service Centre main door.