Tax Recovery Sale

Land for Sale By Tender for Tax Recovery Properties

The Municipal Government Act of Alberta grants Beaver County the authority to establish a well-defined process for recovering unpaid property taxes. This process ensures fairness and reasonableness for both property owners and the County.

Tax Recovery Timeline and Procedures:

  1. Property Status: If property taxes remain unpaid after December 31 of the year they were imposed, the property is considered "in arrears."
  2. Tax Recovery Notification: After one year in arrears, a Tax Recovery Notification is registered on Title to alert interested parties of the outstanding taxes.
  3. Public Auction: If arrears are not paid by March 31 of the year following the registration of the tax recovery notification, the County will offer the parcel for sale at a Public Auction.
  4. Arrears Payment: At any time, anyone can pay the tax arrears owed on the property.
  5. Arrears Settlement: Once arrears are paid in full, the property will be removed from the arrears list, the tax recovery notification on title will be discharged, and the parcel will not go to Public Auction.
  6. Tax Forfeiture: If a property is not sold at public auction, the County may take ownership of the parcel through a process called "tax forfeiture," and it may still be sold as a Tax Recovery Property.

Our aim is to ensure property tax arrears are handled transparently and efficiently, offering property owners an opportunity to settle their debts and maintain ownership. By following these procedures, we strive to strike a balance between recovering unpaid taxes and providing a fair process for all parties involved.


Properties currently for sale can be found below.