Beaver County Surplus Auction Items

Disposal of Surplus Goods and Equipment

Periodically, Beaver County disposes of surplus goods and equipment via Government Surplus Online Auction. The auction is managed by GovDeals and all bidding and purchases follow the regulations of GovDeals.

Items for sale vary each year, but may include mowers, overhead door openers, plows, dozer blades, brush rakes, trucks etc.

Non Profit Organizations
In accordance with Policy, when Beaver County disposes of surplus goods and equipment, items $100 or less are offered to registered non-profit organizations before the general public.  Items not sold to registered non-profit organizations will then be added to our Online Auction with

For more information or if you are a registered non-profit organization, interested in these items please contact Peggy Ewert @ 780-663-3730 or


There are no items available at this time.