Beaver County under Fire Restriction

Municipal Libraries

Municipal Libraries

As members of the Northern Lights Library System (NLLS), the municipal libraries in Beaver County provide access to books, DVDs and endless resources from across Alberta.  

Tofield Municipal Library
5407 - 50 Street 
(780) 662-3838

McPherson Municipal Library
5113 - 50 Street 
(780) 663-3999

Holden Municipal Library
4912 - 50 Street 
(780) 688-3838

Bruce Library (Satellite of Holden Municipal Library)
4th Avenue & Main Street 
Bruce Community Centre
(780) 688-2213

Viking Municipal Library 
5120 - 45 Street
(780) 336-4992

The libraries in Tofield, Ryley, Holden, Bruce and Viking have Community Access Program (CAP) sites, which provide free public access to the Internet.