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DECEMBER 16, 2020

2021 Interim Budget
Council approved the 2021 interim budget with total expenditures of $26,504,771 and a tax levy of $13,168,726.

5 Year Financial Plan
Council accepted the 5-Year Financial Plan for information.

Bylaw 20-1099 – Line of Credit Bylaw
The County’s financial institution requires that a bylaw be passed each year to authorize the temporary line of credit (revolving loan).  The line of credit will only be used when cash flow cannot meet actual expenditures and then only on a revolving basis.

Council passed three readings of Bylaw 20-1099 – Line of Credit Bylaw.

2021 Municipal Election
Municipal elections will be held in October 2021.

The Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) has been amended to lengthen the nomination period from a fixed date (from 10 am to noon, 4 weeks before Election Day) to the period from January 1 of the year of the election until noon on Nomination Day.

In 2021, the nomination period is January 1, 2021 to noon on September 20, 2021.  Nominations may be filed at any time during this period.

No one but a Returning Officer may accept nominations; therefore, it is necessary to appoint a Returning Officer now to accept nominations submitted before Nomination Day.

Council passed a motion appointing Margaret Jones as the Returning Officer and Cindy Cox as the Substitute Returning Officer for the 2021 municipal election.

Request to Waive Late Payment PenaltyCouncil passed a motion denying the request to waive the late payment penalty for Roll #191203002.

Grant Applications – Thomas Lake Stormwater
Council passed a motion to apply for an ACP Grant Application (Municipal Affairs) to support a drainage study for the Town of Viking fringe area, including Thomas Lake and that Council approve an application to the Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program for a grant to support a drainage study for the Town of Viking fringe area, including Thomas Lake.

Landflood Contract
In April of 2020 Beaver County contracted 2086391 Alberta Ltd. to complete landflood control work based on the level of service that was determined by Council.  This contract focused on infrastructure related issues only.  In order to continue with a program in 2021, Council needed to determine how they would like the program to proceed.

Council passed a motion to extend the contract with 20886391 Alberta Ltd. to complete landflood control work in 2021.

Flashing Light on Stop Sign – Highway 834 & Highway 14
At the November 6, 2020, Regular Council meeting, Council passed a motion to forward a letter to Alberta Transportation and MLA Lovely and MLA Wilson, requesting the installation of a flashing light on the stop signs at the intersection of Secondary Highway 834 and Secondary Highway 14, due to the poor sight lines and the high rate of traffic collisions.

MLA Lovely forwarded a letter to Council advising that flashing beacons have been installed on the top of stops at Secondary Highway 834 and Secondary Highway 14.

Whistle Cessation
In October 2020, Council had sent letters to MLA Lovely, MLA Wilson and MP Kurek requesting their assistance in determining the status of the County’s Whistle Cessation requests in three areas of the County: Lindbrook (HWY 630), Holden (RR 161 & TWP 492) and Bruce (HWY 857 & Main Street). Administration had submitted all information required by both CN Rail (CN) and Transport Canada on numerous occasions. Transport Canada has indicated that the original requests were misplaced, and that CN had not responded to their original requests for information.

MP Kurek advised that he had received an email from Tyler Banick at CN Railways advising that Transport Canada is completing their findings report on the Beaver County whistle cessation request and will follow up with the County in early 2021.

Future Dates
Council scheduled an Agriculture Services Board meeting for January 14, 2021, commencing at 2:00 pm, to be conducted via Zoom.

Closed Session - Division 2, Section 21 of Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act – Disclosure Harmful to Intergovernmental Relations – Beaver Emergency Services Commission (BESC)
Council passed a motion to recommend back to Beaver Regional Partnership (BRP) the following with respect to BESC:

  • Generally support the draft Shared Service Agreement. With respect to the arbitration requirements, we recommend whichever party or parties initiate(s) the arbitration and wants to proceed with the others to arbitration collectively pay 50%, the rest together pay the remaining 50%.

  • Support a Business Plan updated every four-five years on Level of Service, Capital Requirements, etc. The Level of Service, capital requirements will evolve and change over time, as our region changes. It must also include discussion about response/usage statistics.

  • Capital Plan/Requirements: Disagree with recommendation that the BRP recommend the capital requirement be fixed today at $300,000 until all these other things are done (business plan, etc.). This should be deferred to BESC to address.

  • Recommend to BRP and BESC keeping $485,000 for next few years to allow capital to “Catch Up” as the capital plan is heavily “front loaded”. There are later years when it could go down, which would be addressed by an updated Business Plan.

  • However, this $485,000 per year should be enough for building maintenance and enough for BA (Breathing Apparatus) and Communication (Radio) reserve also, even though they are not considered capital.

The next Regular Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 6, 2021, commencing at 8:30 am, to be conducted via Zoom.

 Please note that Council will be meeting via electronic means until the COVID-19 physical distancing requirement has been lifted.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333 or 780-663-3730.

Did you know…our website is a useful way to get the information you need. www.beaver.ab.ca

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