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West-Can Seal Coating Inc.  
Representatives from West-Can Seal Coating Inc. attended the meeting to discuss issues regarding chip seal application problems used in several road construction projects in 2018.

Steve Kozmeniuk – Dust Control
Steve Kozmeniuk, Beaver County resident, attended the meeting and requested that Council consider paying for 250 meters of dust control on the County road adjacent to his property due to the high volume of traffic into the Black Foot Grazing Park.

Bylaw 19-1071 – Mill Rate Bylaw
Council passed Mill Rate By-law 19-1071.  Tax notices will be mailed the first week in June.

Tofield Golf Course Service Road
Council approved one dust control application once per year at no charge for 450 meters on the highway service road adjacent to the Tofield Golf Course, as well as grading of the service road at the discretion of the landowner.  Council will give further consideration to the service road east of the Golf Course to Range Road 191 in the Spring of 2020.

2019 Tax Recovery
Council set the following reserve bids for properties registered in the 2019 Tax Sale:



Roll Number

Title Number

Legal Land Description

Recommended Reserve Bid

Property Condition



Plan 1562 W, Block 7, Lot 7 & 8





Plan 4834 W, Block 9, Lot 18 & 19





NW 28-50-16-4



Appointment of Pest Inspector
The Agricultural Pests Act requires Beaver County to appoint a sufficient number of inspectors to carry out the Act and the regulation within the County. Council appointed Robert Young, Jonathan Culbert, Mykaela Gara, Shelby Coupland, and Kyle Prest as inspectors under the Agricultural Pests Act.

Appointment of Weed Inspector
The Weed Control Act requires Beaver County to appoint a sufficient number of inspectors to carry out this Act within the County. Council appointed Robert Young, Jonathan Culbert, Mykaela Gara, Kyle Prest, and Shelby Coupland as inspectors under the Weed Control Act.

Agricultural Services Board Appeal Committee
Beaver County is required to have committees in place to hear appeals against Notices issued under Acts administered by Agricultural Service Boards.  Council approved the structure of the Agricultural Notice of Appeal Committee to be the members of the Subdivision Appeal Board who have let their names stand for this committee.

Campground Exceed Stay
A request was received by a camper to stay at the Black Nugget Lake Campground in excess of the 14 day maximum stay. The Municipal Parks Bylaw leaves some discretion to the CAO to determine if stays can be exceeded; however, the spirit and intent of the wording of the bylaw is that maximum stays are 14 days, at which point the camper must leave for 3 days or 72 hours before camping again.

Council passed a motion to make no changes to the Municipal Parks Bylaw and will review it further at the June 12, 2019, Committee of the Whole Meeting.

Holden School – Community Support Request
Council approved financial support in the amount of $551.36 which is one third (1/3) of the cost of bussing Holden School students to the Ryley pool for a 6-week session of swimming lessons.

Flood Control Invoices
Council denied the request for payment of an invoice from a landowner for removing a blockage from Waskwei Creek as the work was not authorized by the County.

Land Fill Setback Variances
At the April Committee of the Whole meeting, Doyle Booth attended to express his concerns regarding negative impacts experienced by the proximity of the Beaver Municipal Solutions’ (non-hazardous) landfill and Clean Harbors’ (hazardous) landfill.

He requested that the setback distances to his property be increased to mitigate noise, pollution, and flooding issues.

Administration presented documentation and the legislation regarding setback variances.  Based on the information presented it does not appear that the setbacks can be increased between Mr. Booth’s residence and Beaver Municipal Solutions’ landfill.

Viking/Beaver Business Park Road and Servicing
The County and the Town of Viking are sharing the cost to construct a roadway through the Viking/Beaver Business.   Administration requested input regarding extending the water and sewer mains, or fully servicing the lots at the same time as the road construction.  The matter was deferred to the Viking/Beaver Inter-Municipal Committee.

Reeve-at- Large
At the April Council meeting Sarah Greer and Matthew Sverderus, University of Alberta students, presented a report on Elected vs. Appointed Reeve in Beaver County.  They recommended that Council keep the Reeve position as an appointed Reeve. An elected Reeve position would be problematic to implement based on a number of factors including the differences in population across the County.

Council passed a motion to maintain its appointed Reeve structure.

Motion to Amend Minutes – March 22, 2019
Council passed a motion to amend motion number 19-075 to read:



MOVED by Cr. Hrabec that Council approve a grant of $2500 to the Good News Community Church for operating expenses, subject to the Village of Ryley matching the grant.


The motion was not recorded properly in the official meeting minutes, a typo error was made in the minutes and the amount was shown as $500.

Advertising for Non-Profit Groups Policy
Council approved the Advertising for Non-Profit Groups Policy.  The policy sets direction and guidelines for advertising for non-profit groups in the County’s paid space in the Chronicle.   

Dust Control Policy
Council approved the amended Dust Control Policy.  The policy was amended to enhance communication regarding proposed local improvement projects.

Personal Rewards Program Policy
Council approved the Personal Rewards Program Policy. The policy emphasizes that County credit cards (with a rewards option) is the preferred method of payment followed by advance payment authorization methods.

Future Dates
Council approved the attendance of Cr. Smook at the 2019 Global Economic Outlook in Camrose on May 24, 2019.

County Vehicle/Equipment Inspections
Council passed a motion that administration arrange for third party safety inspections for all County equipment and vehicles.


The next Committee of the Whole meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, 2019, commencing at 8:30 am.

The next Regular Council Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, 2019, commencing at 8:30 am.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333 or 780-663-3730. Did you know our website is a useful way to get the information you need.


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