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JULY 15, 2020

Bylaw 20-1078 – Road Closure Bylaw
Plan 146 E.T. is the undeveloped portion of Third Avenue located west of Queen Street in the Hamlet of Bruce and between two parcels owned by the applicants.  The applicant has occupied and maintained the undeveloped road for many years and would like to include this in their titled parcel.

First reading was passed on February 05, 2020 and a public hearing was held on May 20, 2020. No objections arose from the public hearing. The Minister of Transportation approved the bylaw on June 12, 2020.

Council passed second and third reading of Bylaw 20-1078.

Request to Name a Road
Family of the late Marion Chubaty have requested that 2 miles of Township Road 522 between Secondary Highway 834 and Range Road 192 be named Chubaty Way.  The request was referred to landowners of property along the proposed route for comments.

At the May 6, 2020 Council meeting, Council considered the comments received.  Of the nine affected landowners, one responded in favour and one in opposition.

Council tabled its decision until the matter could be discussed with the Town of Tofield in the event that the Town wished to bestow a similar honour on the Chubaty family.

At a Tofield Intermunicipal Committee meeting, the Town advised that it had in the past, allowed the purchase of a memorial bench with plaque to honour a significant person.  The applicant is responsible for the cost of both the bench and the plaque (approximately $3000).

Council passed a motion to deny the request to name 2 miles of Township Road 522 between Secondary Highway 834 and Range Road 192 to Chubaty Way.  Council also passed a motion directing Administration to review the Fee for Services Bylaw with respect to the Road Naming Fee and bring it back to a subsequent Council meeting.

2020 Backsloping Program
Administration received one backsloping application before the May 31st deadline.  The landowner has requested that approximately 150 metres of backslope be cleaned up and levelled as a result of the County’s mulching operations in the fall of 2019.  The landowner requested the mulching. 

Council approved the 2020 backsloping project, to be scheduled after the remaining 2019 backsloping projects are complete, as resources permit.

2020 Landflood Control Contract
In 2020, Council contracted 2086391 Alberta Ltd – Shawn O’Shea to complete landflood control services on Beaver County infrastructure.  The contract was scheduled to run from April to December 2020, with an allocated budget amount of $40,000. 

The 2020 spring has been exceptionally wet and there have been a number of problem areas that the contractor has had to respond to.  In conjunction with Public Works, areas were identified and targeted so that damage to road infrastructure could be reduced.

If work levels continue and moisture levels persist, to the extent seen in May and June, there will not be sufficient funds left in the 2020 allocated budget for the program to continue.  To allow for work to continue in 2020, administration recommended that additional funds in the amount of $40,000, be allocated to the Landflood Contract. 

Council approved additional funds of $40,000 for the 2020 landflood control contract being delivered by 2086391 Alberta Ltd.

Council also passed a motion that Administration bring back a hybrid site specific Bounty Program, that includes other resources.

Public Hearing – Whisper Hills Estates – Lease to Telecommunications Company
Council held a Public Hearing to hear objections or comments regarding the County’s intent to lease a portion of Plan 782 2156, Block 1, Lot 11MR in the NE 19-51-19-W4 (Whispering Hills Estates) to a telecommunication company.  

One member of the public attended the hearing, and there was one submissions received regarding the  County’s intent to lease a portion of Plan 782 2156, Block 1, Lot 11MR in the NE 19-51-19-W4 (Whispering Hills Estates) to a telecommunication company. 

2020 Grader Tender
Council approved the purchase of two new John Deere 872G motor graders with the 6YR/9000HR warranty from Brandt for a cost of $460,000 each, without snow wings, plus GST, to be delivered approximately 8-10 weeks after order.

Range Road 132 North of Township 482
Council approved a fall application of Dust Control for the residents (2) (200 meters) between Township Road 482 and Township Road 484 and further to approach P&H to consider paying for the dust control.

Community Peace Officer Expanded Authority
Beaver County Community Peace Officers have the authority to enforce the Traffic Safety Act on any road that Beaver County has jurisdiction.  As well, Community Peace Officers Level (CPO) have the authority for the same on any Provincial 3-digit highway as well as any 2-digit highway where the speed limit has been reduced to 90 km/h or lower (e.g. Kinsella).

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General has recently authorized employers of Community Peace Officer Level 1s, to request that Level 1 CPOs have expanded authority on 1 and 2-digit highways. The expanded authority would be to conduct traffic enforcement within their jurisdiction, regardless of the speed limit, as well as conduct speed enforcement at the request from a construction crew, on 1, 2 or 3-digit highways.

Council passed a motion to approve a level of service change and pursue the expanded authority.

Tofield/Ryley/Beaver West Family and Community Support Services
For many years, the Town of Tofield, Village of Ryley and Beaver County have partnered to deliver FCSS services for the western portion of the County and those urban municipalities.  A similar arrangement exists for the eastern portion of the County and services delivered by the Viking/Beaver/Holden FCSS Board.

The Village of Ryley has recently given notice to leave this arrangement and to provide services on their own.  They have also sent a request to ask the County how it intends to access the services being provided by the new Ryley FCSS program.

Council passed a motion to thank the Village of Ryley for their interest in providing the County with FCSS services, and that Council maintain the current arrangement with the Town of Tofield for FCSS services in the western portion of the County.

Bylaw 20-1090 – Redistricting Application SE 13-51-20-W4
The owners of SE 13-51-20-W4 have submitted an Application for Amendment to the Land Use Bylaw with respect to redistricting approximately 74.26 acres from Agricultural District to Country Residential District.  The remnant of the quarter section will remain zoned as Agricultural. 

The owner of this parcel would like to subdivide a 20-acre lot. However, this quarter section has already previously been subdivided three times. The land is located in the Moraine Residential Area and according to Section 2.11 of the Municipal Development Plan, the creation of four or more titled parcels in a quarter section will result in a multi-lot country residential subdivision. This will require the titled parcel directly affected by the subdivision to be rezoned from Agricultural to Country Residential. 

Council approved first reading of Bylaw 20-1090 and will hold a public hearing at a subsequent Council meeting.

Request to Lease Plan 1670 TR Lot R1 – SE 13-51-20-W4
Administration received a request on May 04th, 2020 from a resident who is interested in leasing the municipal reserve Plan 1670 TR, Lot R1 in SE 16-50-20-W4. The land is adjacent to the resident’s property and the purpose of the lease would be to use the land for recreational use such as a walking trail and/or horseback riding. 

This land was advertised for tender for lease in March of 2020, however no bids were received.

Council passed a motion to schedule a public hearing regarding the County's intent to tender for lease the municipal reserve, Plan 1670 TR, Lot R1 in SE 16-50-20-W4.

Delete Notification of Confined Feeding Operations Policy
Administration advised Council that the Notification of Confined Feeding Operations Policy is outdated and no longer needed. Municipalities are no longer responsible for notifying adjacent landowners in regards to Confined Feeding Operations (CFO).  The Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) works with municipalities by sending a notification of new applications to municipalities. Furthermore, NRCB has established three types of permits under the Agricultural Operations Practices Act, and has established two main measurements and requirements for the Notification Area to adjacent property owners. The Notification Area varies from application to application based on what is being proposed. NRCB sends out notifications on the municipality’s behalf; additionally they will advertise the proposed CFO in the local newspaper and on their website.

Council considered a motion that Council amend the Notification of Confined Feeding Operations Policy to only notify the public by electronic means.  The motion was defeated; the policy will not be amended or deleted.  

Public Hearing – Beaver Municipal Solutions Transition to a Municipally Controlled Corporation
Council conducted a Public Hearing to hear comments regarding Beaver County’s intention to incorporate and control a corporation pursuant to the Business Corporations Act at 1:02 pm.

Twelve members of the public were in attendance.

Beaver Municipal Solutions Administration were in attendance to answer questions from Council.

Written submission were received and presented at the Public Hearing of June 17, 2020 as follows:

  1. Al Reynolds
  2. John Hunter
  3. Kevin McCoy
  4. Brian Strilchuk

Al Reynolds, John Hunter and Brian Strilchuk made oral presentations reviewing the contents of their written submission.

The Public Hearing was closed at 1:25 pm.

Beaver Municipal Solutions Good Neighbour Grant
Council passed a motion directing administration to arrange for Joint Council meeting with the Village of Ryley to discuss the Beaver Municipal Solutions Good Neighbour Grant.

Black Nugget Lake Campground – Provincial Lease
Council authorized administration to pursue a change in Black Nugget Lake Lease from a recreation lease to a miscellaneous lease, which would permit Beaver County to sub lease the campground property to an operator.

Council also discussed the recent decision by the Provincial Government to open group camping, public showers and cookhouses in Provincial Campgrounds. Council passed a motion to not open public showers and cookhouses in Beaver County Campgrounds.

Council passed a motion directing administration to prepare the documents/reports to declare Beaver County an Agricultural Disaster, for presentation at the August 5, 2020, Regular Council meeting

Council passed a motion authorizing administration to enter into agreements to exchange towers with MCSNet for terms described, and lease space at Whispering Hills site to MCSNet. 

Roads- Resources 
Council passed a motion authorizing administration to hire private contractors, as many as necessary, to catch up on road issues and try to hire local.

Future Dates
The next Regular Council Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 5, 2020, commencing at 8:30 am at the Ryley Community Hall.  This will be Regular meeting, Public attendance at the hall will be allowed, physical distancing will be maintained


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