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JANUARY 15, 2020

Future Dates
Council rescheduled the March 18, 2020, Regular Council meeting to March 20, 2020, commencing at 8:30 am.

Bonham Regher Drainage Project
At the August 21st, 2019 meeting, Mr. Bonham requested Council to clear blockages within the licensed drainage project that runs north along the east side of Range Road 181, from the NW 13-50-18 to Township Road 504.  No action was taken by Council or administration.  Mr. Bonham would like the work done.

Council passed a motion directing staff to clear the blockage within the Bonham-Regehr licensed drainage project, from Township Road 504 south 1 km, and to perform regular maintenance of the roadside ditch.

Village of Ryley – Request for ACP Partnership
The Village of Ryley has requested County co-sponsor of an ACP grant application for a drainage study for the Village of Ryley.

Council deferred the matter to the February 19th meeting to allow for more time for further discussion.

Inter-Municipal Collaborative Frameworks
The Municipal Government Act requires that municipalities that share common boundaries create Inter-municipal Collaboration Frameworks. Beaver County and each of the Towns of Tofield and Viking and the Villages of Holden and Ryley have been working towards Frameworks that identify the services identified on an inter-municipal basis.

Council passed a motion approving the Beaver/Tofield, Beaver/Holden and Beaver/Viking Inter-Municipal Collaborative Frameworks.

Town of Tofield Letter – Re: Community Sponsorship Grants
Council reviewed a letter from the Town of Tofield regarding Community Sponsorship Grants.  The Town of Tofield expressed concerns in regards to inconsistencies for funding requests.

Council deferred the matter to a subsequent Beaver/Tofield Inter-Municipal Committee meeting for discussion.

3D Model Options for Equity Industrial Park
In August 2018, administration presented samples of 2 types of models – a digital model and a 3D scale/table-top model.

Council requested that administration seek funding assistance from other organizations that may benefit from the product – Clean Harbors, Beaver Municipal Solutions, and the Village of Ryley.  Administration has not received an official response from any of the organizations.

Council passed a motion that Council seek RFPs for a Digital 3D Model for Equity Industrial Park based on the current IDP, with a cost for a change when new IDP is approved. 

 Medical Leaves of Absence Policy
Council passed a motion to approve the amended Medical Leaves of Absence Policy. 

The Amendments to the Medical Leaves of Absence Policy will clarify the expectations of both the employee and the County when an employee who is on medical leave wishes to return to work. These amendments are intended to ensure that the employee is medically fit to return to work, for his/her own safety, as well as the safety of other County staff.

Priority Based Budgeting
Council’s reviewed the program inventory and provided input on the inventory and ranking and how they reflect towards Council’s strategic vision, goals, and results.  

Village of Ryley – Inter-Municipal Development Plan
Council passed a motion that administration consult with Municipal Affairs regarding mediation on the Village of Ryley Inter-Municipal Development Plan issue. 

Retirement Incentive Policy
Council presented a motion directing administration to bring an RFD to the February 5, 2020 Council meeting, to delete the Retirement Incentive Policy.  The motion was defeated.

Employment Contract
Council passed a motion authorizing the Chief Administrative Officer to negotiate and entire into a post retirement employment agreement with employee Number 242, as per the terms disclosed to Council in Closed Session, subject to legal review.

The next Regular Council Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 5, 2020, commencing at 8:30 am.

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