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JANUARY 8, 2020

MNP LLP (Auditors)
Benji Waser, and Tahner Bowers, MNP LLP.  attended the meeting and presented the Council with MNP’s Audit Service Plan for Beaver County for the year ending December 31, 2019.

Beaver Municipal Solutions Transition to Municipally Controlled Corporation Delegation
Administration and Board members of Beaver Municipal Solutions attended the meeting as follows:

Pierre Breau – General Manager – Beaver Municipal Services 
Brian Ducherer, Chairman BMS Board of Directors
Harold Conquest, Vice-Chairman BMS Board of Directors
Deb Dueck, Chairman, BMS Municipally Controlled Corporation Steering Committee
Cindy Neufeld, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Tofield
John McGowan, Governance Expert and Facilitator

A discussion was held regarding the BMS transition to a Municipally Controlled Corporation.

Village of Ryley – Inter-Municipal Collaboration Framework (ICF)
Council passed a motion that arbitration costs for the Ryley ICF be established on population as with other municipalities and as approved by the Beaver Regional Partnership at the start of the process.

Councillor Internet and Cell Phone Allowance
Council reviewed a report on Councillor Internet and Cell Phone Allowance that contained sample cell and internet allowance policies from other Counties.  Council discussed that any additional cell phone billing due to using cell phones to tether or provide hot-spot for other devices should be billed on their expense claims.  Council passed a motion to accept the report as information.

Beaver County Leases
Council passed a motion directing administration to hold a public hearing regarding the County’s intent to tender for lease, the following municipal reserves, land and road allowances:

  1. Plan 752 0263, Lot R3 in SE 31-51-19-W4 (13.08 acres)
  2. Plan 1670 TR, Lot R1 in SE 16-50-20-W4 (13.35 acres)
  3. Plan 762 1641, Block 1, Lot R1 in SE 9-50-20-W4 (15.37 acres)
  4. Plan 762 0125, Block 1, Lot R5 in NE 26-50-20-W4 (28.34 acres)
  5. Plan 1972 TR, Lot R2 in NW 26-51-20-W4 (1.3 acres)
  6. Plan 062 2660, Block 2, Lot 6 in NE 35-47-13-W4 (32 acres)
  7. NE 10-46-11-W4 (101.40 acres)
  8. Right-of-way in NW corner of NE 34-46-11-W4
  9. Road allowance in West of SW 7-50-20-W4 (RR 210)

Amendment to BMS Waste Bin Benefit Area
At the November 20, 2019 Council meeting, Council amended the Beaver Municipal Solutions’ Surplus Revenue Policy.  Administration requested that Council clarify its intent to include “properties within or intersected by the 4-mile radius of the centre of NE 10-50-17-W4”.  Most land that is intersected by the 4-mile radius are full quarter sections; however there are 4 incidences where the quarter sections include subdivided property that is NOT intersected by the 4-mile radius.   A Council motion to include the additional properties in the waste bin area was defeated by tie vote.

Hamlet of Bruce Security Cameras
Council reviewed a report on the installation of security cameras in the Hamlet of Bruce. Council passed a motion to accept the report as information and take no further action as this time.

2020 Gravel Crushing Pit Amendment
Council passed a motion to accept the proposal from Mixcor Aggregates for the 2020 Gravel Crush Supply Amendment #2 to change all references to Horinek Pit (Located E ½ 34-47-11-W4) in first amendment to Ken Anderson - Kinsella Transit Mix Pit (located SE 16-46-11-W4).

Request to Waive Tax Penalty and Tax Increases
Council passed a motion to deny the request to waive the tax penalties for Roll #s 169151082, 178191003, and 178192002, and to make no adjustment to the 2019 tax levy for Roll #s 169151082, 178191003, and 178192002.

Strathcona County and Beaver County Inter-municipal Development Plan
The Strathcona County and Beaver County IDP project included one phase of public engagement. Public engagement included an open house and comment sheets, which provided the opportunity for residents to review information on the draft IDP and provide comments and feedback.  

A public open house was held on November 21, 2019 at the Hastings Lake Community Hall. The open house allowed the public opportunities for written comments and the completion of the comment sheets. Thirty-eight members of the public attended the open house, and 3 comment sheets were filled out during that time.

Council reviewed the Public Engagement Summary from the IDP Open House and the revised IDP.

Priority-Base Budgeting Discussion ScheduleCouncil has committed to a priority-based budgeting process.  To date, Council has established a strategic vision, goals, and results, and approved funding in the 2020 interim budget for assistance from a consultant.

Council passed a motion accepting the priority-based budgeting discussion schedule in principle.

FCM – 2020 Conference
Council approved the attendance of Cr. Bruce at the FCM Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario from June 4-7, 2020.

FCM – 2020 Conference – Request to Support Reception
Council declined Sturgeon County's request for financial support to host a reception at the FCM Annual Conference in Toronto Ontario in June 2020.

Rural Municipalities of Alberta District 5 Chair
Council passed a motion to support Deputy Reeve Hrabec’s pursuit of RMA (Rural Municipalities of Alberta) District 5 Chair position.

Amendment to Insurance Claims Policy and Administrative Procedure
Council approved an amendment to the Insurance Claims Policy and Administrative Procedure.  The amendments to the policy are as follows:

  1. The Policy indicates that Council will not accept any appeals of insurance claims decisions.
  2. Administration will provide complainants with information regarding the insurance claims process.
  3. Council will receive quarterly reports regarding the number and nature of insurance claims submitted and the decision made on each claim.

Community Support Requests Policy and Administrative Procedure
At the December 4, 2019 meeting, Council requested that the Community Support Requests Policy be reviewed, with particular attention given to the eligibility criteria.

Council passed a motion deferring changes to various policies regarding community support grants to future discussions regarding the 2020 budget and the Priority-Based Budgeting process.

Citizens on Patrol
Councillor Bruce discussed issues that were discussed at a recent Citizens’ on Patrol meeting.

RCMP Police Funding
That Council forward a letter to the Alberta Solicitor General, Rural Municipalities of Alberta, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Members of Legislature, and Member Parliament, expressing concern regarding the funding of RCMP police and service delivery.

Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence
Council discussed the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Consensus was reached that this be pursued next year, if time permits.

Beaver Municipal Solutions Agreements
Council reviewed the report on outstanding concerns related to the Unanimous Shareholders’ Agreement, Limited Partnership Agreement, Member Service Charter, and other Operating Agreement.

The next Regular Council Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 15, 2020, commencing at 8:30 am.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333 or 780-663-3730.

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