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Beaver County Council is considering removal of the duplication of the definition “Recycling Depots” found in Bylaw 98-801 – Land Use Bylaw (LUB), section 8.1, Definitions, Subsection (78). The public hearing will be held on Wednesday, October 7, 2020, at 9:00 am.

While reviewing previous amendments to Bylaw 98-801, administration noticed an error when new definitions for “Recycling Depot” and “Recycling, Oil Depot” were added to the Land Use Bylaw in 2018. When these two new definitions were added, the old definition for “Recycling Depots” was not deleted. This resulted in the Land Use Bylaw now having 3 different definitions: “Recycling Depot”, “Recycling, Oil Depot”, and “Recycling Depots”.

To correct this error, Council is considering removing the old definition for “Recycling Depots”.  

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government of Alberta has enacted the Meeting Procedures (COVID-19 Suppression) Regulation pursuant to Order in Council 50/2020 to permit the hearing to be conducted electronically rather than in person.

The hearing has been structured so that all who wish to participate will have the right to hear all discussions and speak for or against the proposed removal of the duplication of definition Recycling Depots.  For information regarding the public participation process and how to provide input on this matter, go to www.beaver.ab.ca/council/public-hearings.

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