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OCTOBER 6, 2021

In the past, the County has tendered the annual gravel haul and awarded the contract to one contractor who was responsible to provide and manage both the gravel haul trucks with trailers, and the operators.  Administration would like to enhance consistency, accountability, transparency, and safety for County employees and residents by moving from a contractor-based gravel haul contract to a County-run gravel haul.

After a Closed Session to discuss the matter further Council passed a motion that Council authorize administration to purchase four used tractor trailer units and four gravel trailers at an auction or dealer to a maximum of $1 million dollars with funds from reserve if purchased in 2021.

MLA Request for Secondary Highway Priorities
Reeve Kallal received a request from MLA Jackie Lovely for Council’s highest three secondary highway priorities.  These priorities will be considered by Alberta Transportation as they prepare their 2022 budget.

Council passed a motion to submit the following priorities to MLA Jackie Lovely:

  • Secondary Highway 870 from HWY 14 to HWY 619 (7.5 miles)
  • Secondary Highway 857 from HWY 14 to HWY 26 (11 miles)
  • Secondary Highway 854 From HWY 14 to County border TWP 480 (13 miles)
  • Secondary Highway 834.

Lindbrook Estates Water Management Study
The County has been working with affected landowners in Lindbrook Estates since spring 2020 to deal with flooding on the County’s municipal reserve (MR) lot. Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions (Wood) was hired by the County in 2020 to survey the lands affected, starting at the direct upstream culvert on the MR, and through the subdivision to find any areas that were affecting the flow of water. Administration reviewed this report with Council in November, and Council directed administration to engage the landowner directly downstream of the County’s MR lot for the purposes of reinstituting a drainage course through their property.

Administration has been working with Wood and legal counsel to design a solution that would allow the reinstallation of a drainage course through the affected property, however the landowner and the County have not been able to come to an agreement on the exact solution or potential costs.

Administration met with Wood and legal counsel in August to try to work through the requests put forward by the landowner, at which time, Wood informed the County that, in order to design a solution properly, they would need to conduct a study of the entire subdivision and upstream catchment area, in order to identify the anticipated water flows through the affected properties. Per Wood, this needs to be done to ensure that any work undertaken by the County does not have an adverse effect on landowners downstream of the work.

Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions is proposing to start work immediately, in order to have their preliminary work completed by mid November, prior to any snowfall. They have also proposing to hold an open house with affected landowners in late November or early December to inform the landowners of the County’s objectives and ensure that all known issues will be taken into consideration.

Council did not agree to proceed with the water management study in Lindbrook Estates.  They believe that there is enough information available to proceed with a solution, and subsequently passed a motion that administration continue to engage with the landowners to find a solution regarding drainage issues in Lindbrook Estates.

ASB Scholarship
The ‘Agricultural Service Board Scholarship’ supports young people pursuing a career in agriculture or a related field. Two applications were received for the 2021 ASB Scholarship.  The applicants were Dawson Koch and Carter Chomik.

Council passed a motion to award the 2021 Agricultural Service Board Scholarship to Dawson and Carter Chomik, as per the criteria determined in the ASB Scholarship Policy.

Ed and Marie Stelmach Sponsorship Award
Beaver County received applications from Gracie Lang & Bailey Haeberle on September 20th, 2021 after the deadline of June 30, 2021. Both students, Gracie Lang & Bailey Haeberle filed these applications on time, but they were misplaced at the school and didn’t reach Beaver County until September 20, 2021. These applications are complete and therefore should be accepted.

Both applicants are recent grade 12 graduates of Viking School.  No applications were received from Tofield graduates.

  1. Lang is enrolled in Red Deer College in the Bachelor of Science nursing program with plans to pursue a career in nursing.
  2. Haeberle is enrolled in Red Deer College in the Bachelor of Education Elementary program with plans to pursue an elementary teaching certificate.

Council passed a motion that Council award a 2021 Edward & Marie Stelmach Scholarship of $1000 equally between Gracie Lang & Bailey Haeberle.

Concern from Resident on Tofield Library Representative Remuneration
Councillor Hrabec received an e-mail from a resident in the mail with no contact information or return address.  The resident is concerned about the number of meetings attended in 2021 by the County’s representative on the Tofield Library Board, Councillor Smook.

Councillor Smook’s timesheets are posted on the County’s website and available for public review.  For the period of January 1 – August 19, 2021, he attended 22 meetings (some virtual meetings, and some which were not claimed at the full meeting rate).  For the same period of time in 2020, the number of meetings attended was 7.

The Tofield Library was dealing with an issue in March and April of 2021 that required more than the usual attendance. 

Council passed a motion that Council take no action on the concern expressed regarding Tofield Library Representative remuneration, due to lack of contact information for the complainant and accept as information.

Health Foundation Support Request
The Health Foundation Support Policy provides funds to the Tofield and Viking Health Foundations.  The amount of funding available is established by Council through its annual budget (2021 budget = $20,000).

Each Foundation’s share of the grant is based on the population within each Foundation area (as defined by Policy).  A $20,000 allocation would be shared as follows:

          Tofield Health Foundation                  $12,867
          Viking Health Foundation                   $ 7,133

The Tofield and Area Health Services Foundation has requested funding for 2021.  The Foundation has submitted its financial statement and outlined purchases made this year.

Council passed a motion that Council approve a Health Foundation Support grant in the amount of $12,867 to the Tofield and Area Health Services Foundation.

Council also passed a motion that the Health Foundation Support Policy be reviewed so that both Health Foundations are given equal grants.

Emergent Item – County of Vermilion River – Protective Services – Ambulance Service
Council passed a motion that administration forward a letter to Beaver Emergency Services Commission and Beaver Ambulance Society for their input regarding the letter from the County of Vermillion River, Protective Services – Ambulance Service.

Corporate Governance Review
Following a Closed Session, Council passed a motion that Council accept the Corporate Governance Review Report prepared by J.R. McDonald & Associates Inc. dated October 6, 2021, and that Council authorize publication of the full report on the County’s website following a presentation to County staff, and that the report be presented to Council during the new Council orientation after the election.

Recruitment of Chief Administrative Officer
Council is proceeding to fill the position of Chief Administrative Officer.

Council directed administration to invite four recruitment firms to submit a Request for Proposal, as well as post the RFP.  Inquires involving CAO recruitment will be directed to the Reeve in office at the time of the inquiry.  All of Council will be involved in the interview and selection process of the new CAO.

Future Dates
Council rescheduled the Regular Council meeting of October 27, 2021 to Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

The next Regular Council Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 3 2021, commencing at 8:30 am.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333 or 780-663-3730.

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