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Beaver Municipal Solutions Proposed Transition to a Municipally Controlled Corporation

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Municipally Controlled Corporation Public Hearing

Beaver County Council is holding a public hearing on July 15th , 2020 at 1 pm., at the Ryley Community Hall,  to discuss a proposal to transition the Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission, also known as Beaver Municipal Solutions, from a regional services commission to a municipally controlled corporation (MCC).

A Notice of Public Hearing is published here:

Summary documents related to the proposal can be accessed here:

The MCC Business Plan and related legal agreements can be accessed here:

Due Diligence Report – Beaver County Council engaged MNP LLP to provide a Due Diligence Review of the BMS Business Plan and the plan to transition to a Municipally Controlled Corporation. To review the report, click here.

Public Presentation – In the fall of 2019, Beaver Municipal Solutions hosted a number of public information sessions across the Beaver County region. Attached is the presentation from those sessions to view click here.

Member Service Charter - Beaver Municipal Solutions has adopted the attached Service Charter to guide how services will be preserved and delivered for local residents after formation of the Municipally Controlled Corporation to view click here.