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2021 Financial Audit Plan
Benji Waser, MNP LLP, attended the meeting and reviewed the Beaver County 2021 Financial Audit Plan.

Beaver County Seed Cleaning Cooperative
Brent Christenson and Colin Lang, Beaver County Seed Cleaning Cooperative Ltd., attended the meeting and provided an update on the activities of the Cooperative.

The Cooperative is requesting that Council consider extending the previous Memorandum of  Understanding and provide an annual operating grant of $30,000 for each of the next 5 years.

Public Participation Survey Launch News Release
The Public Participation Survey will provide input on policies and programs related to water management, road maintenance programs, and road construction priorities.   Deadline for submissions will be January 19, 2022 to allow time for administration to review the information and prepare a report to Council.

A Public Participation Survey Launch News Release will be published in the Beaver County Chronicle, on the County website, and through the County’s social media profiles.  As well, the News Release will be sent to postal boxes within the County.

ACP Grant – Town of Viking Infrastructure Master Plan
In December 2019, Beaver County agreed to partner with the Town of Viking on a stormwater management study that included the drainage channel between the Town and Thomas Lake.

The study was funded under the Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) program and there was no financial commitment required by the County.

A draft report was released in June 2021.  It indicated that the Town of Viking’s drainage system represents a very small portion of the catchment area for Thomas Lake and any increase in the lake levels is not likely attributable to the Town’s drainage system.  The report suggested that the County may wish to undertake a regional assessment to develop strategies to identify drainage corridors to interconnect and drain some low-lying areas around the lake.

Since that time, the County has undertaken a wetland study in the Thomas Lake Watershed.  The study identified drained wetlands that may be eligible for wetland replacement funding through the Provincial Wetland Replacement Program.  The goal of this initiative is to encourage landowners to hold water upstream of the Town.  The County has only recently begun to communicate/educate affected landowners about this program.

In late 2020, the Town and the County applied to the ACP program for funding of Phase II of the study.  The application was not approved.

The Town of Viking has now requested that Beaver County agree to partner with the Town in its re-application for Phase II funding that will concentrate on the Town’s infrastructure (roads, recreational facilities, etc.).  The study will further consider solutions for mitigating downstream water management (e.g. surge ponds, storage areas) and may identify the impact of drainage from the County into the Town of Viking’s drainage system.

No financial commitment is required from the County to participate in this program.  The Town of Viking will be the managing partner.

Council passed a motion that Beaver County Council support the Town of Viking’s submission of a 2021/22 Alberta Community Partnership grant application in support of a regional infrastructure master plan, with no matching contribution required.

County Christmas Decorations Contest
Council conducted a Christmas Decorations Contest for rural County residents. Rural residents were invited to submit photos of their decorations (daylight or night-time) directly to their Councillor, via email, on or before January 3, 2022. Council selected 3 preferred photos from each Division and awarded cash prizes of $100, $200, and $300 per Division as follows:

Division 1 – Tofield Packers - 1st place - $300
Division 2 – Alex Lungal - 1st place - $300
Division 3 – Piwowar - 1st place - $300
Division 3 – Suchy - 2nd place $200
Division 3 – Ewert - 3rd place - $100
Division 4 – No Entries
Division 5 – Wesley - 1st place $300
Division 5 – Oracheski - 2nd place - $200
Division 5 – Nordstrom - 3rd place -$100

Appointment of Interim CAO
Council passed a motion appointing Rick McDonald as Interim Chief Administrative Officer, effective immediately.

Future Dates
Council passed a motion approving the attendance of Council for the first module (Roles and Responsibilities) of the Certificate in Rural Municipal Leadership offered by U of A Augustana Extended Education.

Council passed a motion to support Councillor Hrabec as the Rural Municipalities of Alberta District 5 Chair.

The next Regular Council Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 19, 2022, commencing at 9:30 am.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333 or 780-663-3730.

Did you know…our website is a useful way to get the information you need. www.beaver.ab.ca

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