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Council Meeting Highlights - February 16, 2022

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Tofield/Beaver West Family and Community Support Services
Tracey Boast Radley, Executive Director, attended the meeting via Zoom, and provided Council the 2021 Annual Report for the Tofield/Beaver West Family and Community Support Service.

Public Hearing – Bylaw 22-1117 – Road Closure – Range Road 202
Council held a Public Hearing to hear arguments for or against the proposed closure and consolidation of the road allowance west of NW 35-51-20-W4 (Range Road 202), which is approximately 0.6 acres.

There were no members of the public present for the public hearing.  A written response was received from an adjacent landowner who noted that this road allowance is currently being used as a walking path by many in the area as a way to access Crown Land and that the walking path brings enjoyment for the people who live in the area.

Following the Public Hearing, Council passed a motion to defeat 2nd reading of road closure Bylaw 22-1117.

 Bylaw 22-1118 – Governance & Priorities Committee Bylaw
At the February 2, 2022, Regular Council meeting, Council passed first reading of Bylaw 22-1118.  A notice was published in the Chronicle, on the County’s website, and on social media to advise the public of the proposed bylaw.  No comments from the public were received.

Council passed second and third reading of Bylaw 22-1118 and Council set the fourth Wednesday of each month as the date for the Governance and Priorities Committee meetings, commencing at 1:00 pm.  The first regular Governance and Priorities Committee meeting is scheduled for March 23, 2022.  Council scheduled a Special Governance and Priorities Committee meeting for February 23, 2022, commencing at 2:00 pm. 

2021 – 2022 Gravel Over Crush
McDonald Aggregates, the County’s current gravel crush contractor has overcrush available from the 2021/2022 crush contract that they are offering the County to purchase.

2021 – 1,734 m3 of 4:25 available at $19.90 per m3 for a total of $34,506.60
2021 – 216 m3 of 4:40 available at $19.90 per m3 for a total of $4,298.40
2022 – 2,424 m3 of 4:25 available at $19.90 per m3 for a total of $48,238.00
                      Grand total - $87,043.00

Due to the rising costs in this industry, Administration recommended that the County purchase the gravel as inventory.

Council passed a motion to approve the purchase of the overcrush for 2021 & 2022 for the total cost of $87,043.00.

2022 Grader Tender
On February 8, 2022, Administration received three tender packages for three new motor graders, two of which met specifications in the tender.  Administration evaluated the tenders based on the following criteria at a maximum of 20 points each:

  • Pricing
  • Prior Experience with Manufacturer
  • Proposed Warranty, Parts Supply, Service Delivery, and Support
  • Quality of Tender Submission and Proposed Grader
  • Operator Preference

The following three existing graders will be traded into Brandt, as part of the purchase packages.

  • PT01 - 2018 John Deere 872G Motor Grader for $218,000 (machine plus wing)
  • PT07 - 2018 John Deere 872G Motor Grader for $210,000 (machine plus wing)
  • PT14 - 2016 John Deere 872G Motor Grader for $188,000 (machine plus wing, packer)

On average, the snow wings are used for 15 years bringing the yearly cost to $2000 per wing.  The current wings of the three units have been used for closer to 20 years and need to be upgraded. 

Administration recommended that Council approve the addition of “lift groups” with the new graders which will enable grader operators to mount attachments safely.

Council passed a motion approving the purchase of three new John Deere 872Gs with the 6YR/90000HR warranties, three new snow wings and three new lift groups from Brandt for a cost of $556,000 each, for a total of $1,668,000 plus GST.

2023-2024 Gravel Crush & Supply
On January 18, 2022, administration received a letter from McDonald Aggregates requesting to extend the two gravel crush contracts for two years.

The current contracts are two year contracts ending December 31, 2022.  Administration has been satisfied with the product that McDonald Aggregates has provided and all of the 2022 product crushing has already been completed ahead of schedule for our use. 

Pricing in the last Request for Quotes for gravel crushing services resulted in a wide range of bids from $18.48 - $35.23 per m3 and our current two year contract was at $19.90 per m3.  McDonald has offered a price of $23.85 - $27.75 per m3 between the two pits over the two years.  Administration feels that these are good prices considering the increase in costs over the last two years.

Proposed 2020-07-PW Gravel Crush East End Extension:



Unit Price/m3

Quantity (m3)

Extended Price




4:25, 4:40, 6:80







4:25, 4:40, 6:80







Proposed 2020-08-PW Gravel Crush West End Extension:



Unit Price/m3

Quantity (m3)

Extended Price




4:25, 4:40, 6:80







4:25, 4:40, 6:80






At the above rates the per year contract amounts would be:

          2023 Total $2,256,942.40
          2024 Total $2,343,730.20

Administration also recommended that the new contracts be limited to crushed gravel with a Designation 4 Class 25 (7/8”) because we are meeting our other crush requirements at the reclaimed pit.

Council passed a motion approving the two-year extension for contracts below with the attached rates and quantities:

PW-07-2020 (2021 & 2022 Gravel Crush East End)
          2023 -  47,492 m3 of Designation 4 Class 25 at the rate of $26.75 per m3
          2024 - 47,492 m3 of Designation 4 Class 25 at the rate of $27.75 per m3

PW-08-2020 (2021 & 2022 Gravel Crush West End)
          2023 -  41,364 m3 of Designation 4 Class 25 at the rate of $23.85 per m3
          2024 – 41,364 m3 of Designation 4 Class 25 at the rate of $24.80 per m3

2022 Dust Control
Administration sent out a request for quotes for the Supply and Application of Dust Suppressant and Winter Sand Mixing.  Three proposals were received.  Administration recommended that Council accept the RFQ from Kortech Calcium Services as they can provide dust suppressant, application, and on-site winter sand mixing.  For the last couple of years, mixing winter sand on-site has resulted in a satisfactory product and cost savings.

Administration also requested that Council to confirm the continuation of the subsidized Dust Control program (resident pays 50% of the product cost and the County covers the remainder once per calendar year).

Council passed a motion to accept the proposal from Kortech Calcium and to enter into a contract with them to supply and apply dust suppressant and mix winter sand for 2022 & 2023 at the following rates:


Kortech Calcium Services


Unit Price


Extended Price

Calcium Supply and Apply


Up to 500,000 liters per year


Winter Sand Mixing


1,000 tonne per year


Two Year Contract Maximum Total


Council confirmed the continuation of the subsidized dust control program.

RFP For Professional Services
During interim budget discussions, Council requested that Requests for Proposals (RFPs) be issued for engineering and legal services.  Administration also believes there is a benefit to issuing an RFP for surveying services.

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) are in place to reduce barriers to trade in order to increase competitiveness, economic growth, and stability.  Procurement obligations are based on the principles of non-discrimination, openness, and transparency.

The County’s Purchasing Policy also encourages the purchase of goods and services in a fair, legal, and ethical manner.

The federal free trade agreements require that most services with a minimum value ($100,000 with CFTA and $75,000 with NWPTA) be tendered publicly.  Some services are exempt (e.g. lawyers) however administration is aware that Council would like to tender legal services.

Administration provided a draft RFP for engineering services for Council’s review.  The intent is to issue the RFP on the public tendering site and select one company for each service for a fixed term.

Council passed a motion to accept the Template for Professional Services as information.

Motion to Amend Minutes of January 19, 2022, Regular Council Meeting
The numbering of the January 19, 2022 starts with the year 21 and it should be 22.  The motion numbers needed to be amended from 21-022 - 21-045 to 22-022 – 22-045.

Council passed a motion to amend the January 19, 2022, Regular Council meeting minutes numbering as follows:
beginning at 22-022 and ending at 22-045.

Economic Development Week Proclamation
The Alberta Municipalities and The Rural Municipalities of Alberta are joining Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) to amplify the importance of economic development by inviting Beaver County to take part in the 2022 Community Challenge.

Council passed a motion proclaiming May 9-13, 2022, Economic Development Week in Beaver County and that this resolution remain in effect for five years to coincide with the Economic Developers Alberta (EDA), Economic Development Week, set for each year.

MSI Grant Amending Agreement
Beaver County has been advised by Municipal Affairs that the Provincial Government is extending the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) grant program to March 31, 2024.  This extension had previously been communicated to municipalities when the Provincial 2021/22 budget was released, so the recent announcement is confirmation only.

An extension of the funding agreement between the Provincial Government and Beaver County is required to release the grant over the next two years.

The Provincial Government is committed to retaining the current MSI funding formula which is as follows:

  1. a) 48% of the funding is allocated on a per capita basis,
  2. b) 48% is based on the education property tax requisitions,
  3. c) 4% is based on the kilometres of local roads,

with no municipality receiving less than $120,000.

Beaver County has traditionally used the MSI Operating grant to fund general operating expenses and the MSI Capital grant to fund capital equipment and road construction projects.

In the 2022 interim budget, the MSI grant amounts are $205,329 (operating) and $1,082,155 (capital).  The County is also using funds carried over from prior years to supplement 2022 expenses while reserving $564,963 to offset an anticipated reduction in funding when the Local Government Fiscal Framework program replaces MSI.

Council passed a motion approving the execution of the Amending Memorandum of Agreement for Municipal Sustainability Initiative funding in 2022 and 2023.

Banking Services
Beaver County has been advised that ATB Financial intends to permanently close the Ryley branch in May 2022.  There are no plans to set up an agency in the Village, however staff at the Tofield branch will attend the Ryley branch periodically to assist seniors and clients with limited mobility.  A regular day will also be set aside for clients to meet with a financial advisor.

The County has been advised that its accounts will automatically be transferred to the Tofield branch, however administration is investigating whether ATB will allow the County to make its deposits on the days it opens the branch in Ryley for special appointments.

Regardless, in the past the County has been asked by other financial institutions in the region to bank with them.  With ATB’s Ryley branch closure and the ease and availability of electronic services, administration believes it may be beneficial to issue a Request for Proposal for banking services.  The process will begin in March with the intent to review the RFPs with Council in early May.

Cash control and health and safety policies will also be reviewed to ensure the safe handling of cash and other negotiable instruments.

Council passed a motion to accept the Banking Services Report as information.

A Special Governance & Priorities Committee meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 23, 2022, commencing at 2:00 pm.

The next Regular Council Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 2, 2022, commencing at 9:30 am.

The next Regular Governance & Priorities Committee meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday March, 23, 2011, commencing at 1:00 pm.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333 or 780-663-3730.

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