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Council Meeting Highlights - November 1, 2023

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Bylaw #23-1143 - Repealing Bylaw

  • Public Hearing
    • No written submissions were received, and no members of the public attended to speak.
  • Readings
    • Council completed the second and third readings of the Repealing Bylaw which is required to repeal bylaws that are no longer in effect.


Notice of Motion - Residential Assessment Subclass for Abandoned and Unsightly Buildings

After extensive deliberation, Council determined not to move forward with the motion, as introduced by Councillor Bruce.  Deputy Reeve Hrabec introduced a new motion on the issue, to which Reeve Smook then made an amendment. The revised motion directs Administration to prepare a report regarding existing policies, administrative procedures and Bylaws to address unsightly complaints, including costs to administer these policies and bylaws. Administration is also to seek legal advice regarding the assessment subclass bylaw for abandoned and unsightly properties throughout the County. This motion was then successfully carried by Council.


Kinsella Lift Station - Grant Application

Council approved the request to authorize Administration to submit an application for an Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP) grant in support of the Kinsella Lift Station Renovation Project.


2023 Agricultural Service Board Scholarship

Council awarded the 2023 ASB Scholarship to Quinten Albrecht and rolled over the remaining $500.00 ASB Scholarship to 2024, allowing students from the 2023-2024 year to be considered for the scholarship.


Communications Plan

The External Communications Plan was approved by Council. This document is a guide on how, when, and where, the County will communicate.


Policy Changes

  • Policy #CMM-002 – External Communications.
    • Council approved the newly developed External Communications Policy.
    • Council rescinded Policy #ADM-036 – Advertising for Non-Profit Groups as guidelines for advertising for non-profit groups has been included in Policy #CMM-002 – External Communications.
  • Policy #CORP-009 – Customer Service
    • Council approved this policy which sets the standards for customer service in the organization.
  • Policy #AG-008 - Overland Drainage Policy
    • Council approved this policy and accompanying administrative procedure.
    • Policy #AG-010 - Level of Service Overland Drainage was rescinded as it was replaced by the Overland Drainage Policy.
  • Policy #AG-009 - Agricultural Pest Control
    • Council approved this policy and accompanying administrative procedure.
    • #AG-013 - Level of Service Pest Control was rescinded as it was replaced by the Agricultural Pest Control Policy.
  • Policy #PD-006 - Sale of Land in Equity Industrial Park
    • Council approved this policy which sets a minimum amount for land sales in Equity Industrial Park.


For more information on items discussed at the Council Meeting, please review the full Agenda Package for this meeting. New and/or amended Policies and Bylaws are uploaded to the website after they have been signed.