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Council Meeting Highlights - October 4, 2023

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Centennial Settler Award

Council awarded the Centennial Settler Award to Don Gibson (Gibson Family), who have lived and farmed in the County since 1915. The family will also receive the Provincial Century Farm and Ranch award, which will be presented by MLA Jackie Lovely. Congratulations Gibson Family!


Bylaw Changes

  • Bylaw #23-1142 - Governance and Priorities Committee:
    • Council completed all three readings of this bylaw update which empowers the committee with the flexibility to extend meeting times when necessary to ensure thorough discussions on topics.
  • Bylaw #23-1143 – Repealing Bylaw:
    • Council gave first reading to this bylaw which is aimed at repealing several outdated bylaws that are no longer in effect, due to reasons such as no longer falling within the County's jurisdiction.
    • A motion was also approved to hold a non-statutory Public Hearing to enable County residents to provide input regarding this bylaw.


New Policies

  • Policy #GOV-008 – Strategic Plan
    • Approval was given to this policy which provides guidelines for strategic planning in the future.
  • Policy #CORP-008 – Corporate Planning
    • Council also approved this policy which provides guidelines for the creation and amendment of the County Corporate Plan.


Interim Chief Administrative Officer

Council appointed Margaret Jones as Interim Chief Administrative Officer until November 1st, when Kayleena Spiess returns.


For more information on items discussed at the Council Meeting, please review the full Agenda Package for this meeting.