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Council Meeting Highlights - July 7, 2021

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JULY 7, 2021

2021 Tax Sale Reserve Bids
Council set the following reserve bids for properties registered in the 2021 Tax Sale with payment terms of cash, certified cheque or bank draft:

Roll #

Title Number

Legal Land Description


Reserve Bid

Property Condition



NE 5-46-10-W4





Plan 992 5829; Lot 1


Abandoned & Vacant



Plan 1562W; Block 6; Lots 32-37





Plan 1562W; Block 6; Lots 38-40





Plan 1562W; Block 7;

Lot 30


Abandoned & Vacant



Plan 1562W; Block 7;

Lot A (31)





NW 4-48-17-W4





Plan 792 2298; Block 1; Lot 4





Plan 792 1157; Block 1;

Lot 5





Plan 792 1157; Block 1;

Lot 4





Plan 792 1674; Lot 29





Plan 792 1808; Block 2; Lot 4



Waskwei Creek Water License
The Waskwei Creek water management project was initiated in 1982 to control surface water flows through portions of Waskwei Creek northeast of Ryley.  The project was initiated and partially funded through the Alberta Water Management and Erosion Control Program and has been a partnership between Ducks Unlimited Canada and Beaver County for nearly forty years.

The longstanding agreement between Ducks Unlimited and the County made Ducks Unlimited responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Waskwei Creek Project, while the County applied for funding and is the licensee of the project.  Administration has recently learned that Ducks Unlimited is considering vacating the Waskwei Creek Project and providing the County with one year of written notice to terminate the agreement in the fall of 2021.  In the future, this would make the County responsible for the operation and maintenance of the project including the weir structure located on SE 21-50-16-W4M.  Administration has also learned that Ducks Unlimited intends to remove the northern weir structure located on SW 03-51-16-W4M should they vacate the project.

Administration recommended that the County explore a partnership with Ducks Unlimited to naturalize the Waskwei Creek water management project.  Naturalization would involve the removal of the structures along the creek to allow water to flow as nature intended.  Because the structures hold water back, removal of the structures would improve water movement through the area during high flow events (spring run-off).  The naturalization of the project would also facilitate the cancellation of the County’s water license on Waskwei Creek, at which point Waskwei Creek would be treated like other creeks within the County and subject to the County’s Pest Control Level of Service Policy.

In addition, a funding opportunity may be available through the Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program (WRRP) to naturalize the Creek.  A partnership between Ducks Unlimited and the County would assist in reducing the costs of structure removal and creek naturalization.  Grant submissions must be submitted by September 30, 2021.

Council passed a motion authorizing administration to explore a partnership with Ducks Unlimited Canada for the purposes of naturalizing the Waskwei Creek water management project, subject to consultation with the affected landowners.

Bylaw 21-1110 – Surface Drainage Bylaw
The County has experienced an increase in drainage-related complaints in recent years.  Alberta Environmental Protection has limited resources to assist with investigation and enforcement, or does not have jurisdiction in certain areas of the County.

The proposed Surface Drainage Bylaw will enable the County to control surface drainage and restrict alterations to land that could create drainage concerns.

Council passed first reading of Bylaw 21-1110 – Surface Drainage Bylaw and will conduct a Public Hearing at a subsequent Council meeting.

Alberta Energy Regulator Directive xxx – Licensee Life-Cycle Management
The Provincial Government announced a new liability management framework for the oil and gas sector in July 2020 and directed the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) to develop new liability management programs.

Under the new directive, AER will consider outstanding municipal taxes when reviewing a license transfer application.  For licences that have a public lands disposition (i.e. Crown lease), the transfer will be rejected if taxes are owing to a municipality.  However, AER will not apply this same decision on taxes owned on non-Crown land.  Their position is that they do not have jurisdiction to implement compliance or enforcement actions related to outstanding taxes.  Municipalities are responsible to collect outstanding taxes.

AER is requesting feedback on the proposed directive, with a deadline of July 25, 2021.

Council directed administration to forward a letter to Alberta Energy Regulator expressing Council’s concerns regarding the review of Directive XXX – Licensee Life-Cycle Management.

COVID-19 Vaccine Education and Resources Offer
As the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out continues throughout the Province, Alberta Health Services recognizes that some residents are hesitant to accept the vaccine.

To ensure that these residents are making informed choices, a team of medical experts, professionals, staff, and volunteers (a non-profit coalition called 19ToZero) have created resources and is available to host on-line presentations to the public.

19ToZero is willing to create outreach opportunities for County residents and has requested that the County partner with them.  This could take the form of communicating the event information and making handouts available to the public.

Council passed a motion to accept Alberta Health Services’ offer to provide COVID-19 vaccine education and resources.

Bylaw 21-1112 – Repeal of Bylaw 20-1098
At the November 25th, 2020 Special Meeting of Council, Council passed Bylaw 20-1098 ‘To Establish the Requirement of Wearing Face Coverings Inside Public Premises and Public Vehicles’.  The bylaw was put in place given the ongoing COVID pandemic and with the anticipated increase in Provincial rules regarding face coverings.

On July 1, 2021, the Province entered Stage 3 of the re-opening plan.  All restrictions were lifted, including the ban on indoor social gatherings.  The general indoor provincial mask mandate was lifted as well, however, masking may still be required in limited and specific settings. 

Council passed all three readings to Bylaw 21-1112 to repeal Bylaw 20-1098 - Face Covering Bylaw.

Ditches - Vegetation
Council passed a motion directing administration to bring back a proposal for a program for removal of vegetation in County ditches.

Meeting with Honourable Kaycee Madu, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General – Topic for Discussion
Deputy Reeve Hrabec and Councillor Barry Bruce will attend a meeting with Honourable Kaycee Madu, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General in Lac La Biche on July 8, 2021, commencing at 1:30 pm.  Topic for discussion submitted by Deputy Reeve Hrabec is – Addictions driving rural crime.

Future Dates
The next Regular Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 21, 2021, commencing at 8:30 am.

Live Streaming of the meeting is available on the day of the meeting via YouTube:

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333
or 780-663-3730.

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