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MARCH 3, 2021

Letter of Concern – Carey Ridge Estates Road
Council reviewed a letter from a resident of Carey Ridge Estates.  The resident requested clarification on what it means to have the Carey Ridge internal access road on the 5-year road plan. Carey Ridge Estates is currently on the Beaver County 5-year road plan for rehabilitation in 2023. 

Council passed a motion directing administration to research costs for contract-based construction for the P&H road and Carey Ridge Estates Road.

5-Year Road Plan – 2021-2025
Administration presented information to Council regarding the feasibility that Range Road 202 from Township 502 to Township 504 being included in the 5-year road plan including the tax revenue collected from Lori Estates and Rolling Glory Estates and the feasibility of that Range Road 201, north of Highway 14 to Township Road 512 being included in the 5-year road plan, as requested at the February 17, 2021 Council meeting.

Council passed a motion to adopt the five-year road plan as presented with the addition of Range Road 130 between Secondary Highway 619 and Township Road 480 in 2023 or 2022 if funding permits.

Bylaw 21-1102 – Fee for Services Bylaw
Bylaw 21-1102, Fee for Services Bylaw, was presented to Council for consideration at the February 17, 2021, Regular Council meeting.   The bylaw makes the following change:

            Dust Control
                        Short-Term Applications
                                    First application                                               50% of product cost
                                    Subsequent applications (same year)            Full product cost

Council passed two readings of Bylaw 21-1102 at the February 17, 2021 Regular Council meeting. The Bylaw was presented for further consideration and received third and final reading.

Bill 48 – Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act
Bill 48, the Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act (No. 2), came into force in December 2020.  The Bill included legislative changes across multiple Provincial ministries.

Council reviewed changes that are most relevant to Beaver County.

National Three Digit Suicide and Crisis Hotline
Over the past year, the challenges with maintaining strong mental health and the devastating consequences of that on people, families, and communities has increased due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

There are some supports available however; they are not widely known. In addition, they need to be accessible to everyone, not only to people in major cities.  While there have been significant steps taken in the past few years, it is not enough, and more needs to be done still.

On December 11th, 2020, the House of Commons passed a motion introduced by Conservative MP Todd Doherty, through unanimous consent, to bring a national 3-digit suicide prevention hotline line to Canada.

“That, given that the alarming rate of suicide in Canada constitutes a national health crisis, the House call on the government to take immediate action, in collaboration with our provinces, to establish a national suicide prevention hotline that consolidates all suicide crisis numbers into one easy to remember three-digit (988) hot line that is accessible to all Canadians.”

Damien Kurek, MP requested that Council pass a resolution in support of a National Three Digit Suicide and Crisis Hotline.

Council passed the following motion in support of a National Three Digit Suicide and Crisis Hotline:

WHEREAS the Federal government has passed a motion to adopt 988, a National three-digit suicide and crisis hotline;

AND WHEREAS the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for suicide prevention services by 200 per cent;

AND WHEREAS existing suicide prevention hotlines require the user to remember a 10-digit number and go through directories or be placed on hold;

AND WHEREAS in 2O22 the United States will have in place a national 988 crisis hotline;

AND WHEREAS Beaver County Council recognizes that it is a significant and important initiative to ensure critical barriers are removed to those in a crisis and seeking help;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Beaver County Council endorses this 988 crisis line initiative;

and that Staff be directed to send a letter indicating such support to the local MP, MLA, Federal Minister of Health, the CRTC and local area municipalities to indicate our support.

Alberta Energy Regulators Directive 067
The Alberta Energy Regulator is reviewing the eligibility requirements for oil and gas companies to acquire and hold energy licenses and approvals.

The proposed changes to Directive 067 include the submission of information, particularly financial information, to enable the Alberta Energy Regulator to assess licensee eligibility, assess the capabilities of licensees and approval holders to meet their regulatory and liability obligations throughout the life cycle of the development, administer the liability management programs, and ensure safe, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of energy resource in Alberta.

Unfortunately, the property tax status of the licensee is not one of the eligibility requirements.  This means that a license can be acquired and renewed without consideration of the company’s ability to pay its property taxes.

Council passed a motion that correspondence be sent to the Alberta Energy Regulator, the Minister of Municipal Affairs, and local MLAs outlining Council’s concerns regarding proposed changes to Alberta Energy Regulator’s Directive 067.

Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) 2021 Spring Convention Resolutions
Council reviewed the resolutions that will be presented at the Rural Municipalities of Alberta 2021 Spring Convention.  

Resolutions are crucial to RMA’s advocacy efforts. RMA members have a direct role in the advocacy process by identifying priority issues that require action by other levels of government. Resolutions are typically directed toward the provincial or federal government, and seek changes to legislation, regulations or policy, address funding or program issues, or encourage alternative policy approaches related to a specific rural municipal issue or concern.

Honourable Minister Rick Wilson
Honourable Minister Rick Wilson, Minister of Indigenous Relations and MLA Maskwacis-Wetaskiwin attended the meeting.  Honourable Minister Wilson discussed the following topics/issues:

  • Drainage
  • Roads
  • Economic Development
  • Senior Housing
  • Provincial Policing
  • Preservation of Water Quality and Access
  • Funding for Agricultural Service Boards
  • Alberta Energy Regulators Review.

Battle River Research Group
Colin Wager, Chairman and Khalil Ahmed, Manager, Battle River Research Group (BRRG) attended the meeting and provided Council with an update on the activities of the BRRG.

Battle River Research Group – Municipal Support
Council passed a motion to approve the request from Battle River Research Group (BRRG) for the annual municipal support contribution in the amount of $10 000.

Tofield Lions Club – Tofield Pumptrack
Dan Hillyer and Jim Warren, Tofield Lions Club attended the meeting and provided an overview of Tofield Pumptrack project.  The budget for the project is $135,000.

The Lions Club will be applying for the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) grant to help pay for the project. The CFEP grant is a matching grant.  In order to qualify for the grant, the Club must have a formal commitment of financial support from all parties. The total amount needed in matching funds is $67,500. The Lions Club has formally committed up to $30,000, and have requested $25,000 from the Town of Tofield to help reach the target of $67,500. The Club requested that Council consider contributing $7500 to the project under the Community Request fund.  Council will consider the request at the March 18, 2021, Council meeting.

Closed Session - Division 2, Section 21 of Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act – Disclosure Harmful to Intergovernmental Relations - Beaver Emergency Services Commission
Council passed a motion that a letter be drafted for the Reeve to be sent to the other municipalities indicating that Beaver County would like strict adherence to the current Shared Service Agreement for BESC services including the cost sharing incorporating the user stats. Following a recorded vote, the motion was passed unanimously.

Closed Session - Division 2, Section 16 of Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act – Disclosure harmful to business interests of a third party - Clean Harbors
Council passed a motion that the CAO conduct some research regarding usual hosting fees rates for landfills and to enquire with Clear Harbors about further discussion regarding hosting fees.

Future Dates
The next Regular Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 18, 2021, commencing at 8:30 am, to be conducted via Zoom.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333
or 780-663-3730.

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