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FEBRUARY 5, 2020

Xplornet Communications – Broadband Expansion for Beaver County
Derek Radics, Manager, Government & Public Affairs, Xplornet Communications attended the meeting provided an overview of Xplornet Communications, the Rural Alberta 5G Expansion Strategy and the CRTC Broadband Fund.

Council passed a motion to provide a letter of support to Xplornet Communications Inc. for an application to the Canadian Radio-Television Commission – Broadband Fund.

Priority Based Budgeting
Council prioritized programs for further discussion.

2018 Viking Carena Grant
Council approved the 2018 recreation shared services grant to the Town of Viking as per the budgeted amount of $134,000.

Holden Beaver Inter-Municipal Development Plan
Council directed the Beaver/Holden Inter-Municipal Committee representative to bring forward the amendment to Holden/Beaver IDP regarding no opposition to removal of the NW 23-49-16-W4. 

Renewal of West End Truck Fill Lease
Council authorized the renewal of the West End Truck Fill lease with the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission, for 5 years, less a day.

Ryley Beaver Inter-Municipal Collaboration Framework
Council accepted the Village of Ryley’s arbitration cost sharing formula of 75 percent Beaver County and 25 percent Village of Ryley for the Inter-Municipal Collaboration Framework.

Tofield/Ryley/Beaver West Family and Community Support Services Board – Public at Large Appointment
Council approved the appointment of Zsuzsanna Hemperger to the Tofield/Beaver/West FCSS Board as the Beaver County Public at Large member. 

2020 Capital Purchases – Public Works
Council authorized Administration to proceed with the tender of a Tandem Truck and 3 Tonne Truck with a budget of $280,000.

2020 Dust Control
Council approved the following Dust Control Program:

  • Ratepayer pays 100% of product cost and County covers the remainder in 2020,
  • Ratepayer pays for 100% of product cost as well as truck and grader time in 2021,
  • Ratepayer pays full cost recovery amount in 2022.

Council passed a motion to approved entering into a one-year contract with Kortech Calcium Service LTD for the supply of 2020 Dust Control Suppressant and Winter Sand Mixing.

Rail Crossing Motion
Council approved the cessation of whistles at the following rail crossing locations:

  • Mile 232.39 Wainwright (Hwy 630)
  • Mile 196.7 Wainwright (Main Street, Bruce)
  • Mile 197.22 Wainwright (Hwy 857)
  • Mile 204.44 Wainwright (Township Road 492)
  • Mile 205.14 Wainwright (Range Road 161)

Bylaw 20-1078 – Road Closure Bylaw
Council passed 1st reading of Bylaw 20-1078, to close Road Plan 146 E.T in the Hamlet of Bruce,and schedule a public hearing.

Bylaw 20-1076 – Redistricting Application – Plan 022 6466; Block 1; Lot 1
Council gave first reading to Bylaw 20-1076 to redistrict a portion of Plan 022 6466; Block 1; Lot 1 from Agricultural to Country Residential, and to hold a public hearing regarding Bylaw 20-1076.

Council may consider waiving Section 2.11(b) of the Municipal Development Plan and permit the consideration of a redistricting of a portion of Plan 022 6466, Block 1, Lot 1 only, and waiving Sections 2.12 and 2.13 of the Municipal Development Plan and permitting consideration of the redistricting application without preparation of a professionally-prepared Conceptual Scheme and bio-physical assessment, after the public hearing.  

Landflood Program
Council directed administration to bring back an amendment to the Pest Control Level of Service Policy with a deletion of the bounty program and addressing inter-municipal flooding issues on a case by case basis

Request for Tax Payment Agreement
Council denied the request for a tax payment agreement from Taxpayer #14365, 15859, and 17809.

Purchase of Computer Server
Council approved the purchase of a new computer server for approximately $25,000 from CompuFix Canada and waive the bidding process in the Purchasing Policy

Bylaw 19-1081 – Viking/Beaver Inter-Municipal Development Plan
On January 20, 2020, the Councils of Beaver County and the Town of Viking held a joint public hearing regarding Bylaw 19-1081 – a bylaw to repeal the existing Viking/Beaver Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) and adopt a new IDP.

Council passed second and third reading of Bylaw 19-1081.

Inter-Municipal Collaboration Frameworks
Council approved the Minburn/Beaver Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework dated February 5, 2020 and the Camrose/Beaver Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework dated January 2020.

MSCNet – Letter of Support
Council provide a letter of support to MSCNet Inc. for an application to the Canadian Radio-Television Commission – Broadband Fund.

Salary Review for Non-Union Staff
Council deferred a decision regarding a salary review of non-union salaries until the Fall of 2020

Tofield Library – Request for Shared Services Funding
Council authorized the grant in the total amount of $99,842.55 for the 2019 shared services grant for the Tofield Library.

Snow Goose Festival
County passed a motion to support the Snow Goose Festival by promotion of the event on the website etc. as per the Advertising for Non-Profit Groups Policy and further that organizers of the event contact the county to work out road use details. 

Council approved Cr. Smook as the Beaver County Committee Representative on the Snow Goose Festival Committee.

School Closures
Council discussed the details from the Battle River School Board meeting of January 23, 2020 in which the Board voted to consider:

  • Closure of Allan Johnstone School in Hardisty;
  • Closure of Round Hill School;
  • Relocating Grades 10 to 12 from Ryley School and consolidating Holden School and Ryley School into one K to 9 school site.

Farm Family Award Policy
Council approve the Agricultural Service Boards recommendation to update the Farm Family Award Policy and Accompanying Procedures.

The amendment is to include that the type of recognition that the farm family should receive from the County upon being awarded the Northlands Farm Family Award shall be:

  • Name on Farm Family Plaque in Council Chambers
  • A total of $ 200 worth of Beaver County Promotional Item (s)

Councillor Remuneration Policy
Council approve amendments to the following documents:

1.Councillor Remuneration Administrative Procedure
2.Health, Wellness, and Learning Benefit Administrative Procedure
3.Councillor Telecommunication Equipment Policy

The amendments clarify that administration’s role is limited to ensuring the proper calculation and coding of the claim.  Administration will not be involved in determining whether the claim meets the eligibility or other requirements of the Policy.

The next Regular Council Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 19,  2020, commencing at 8:30 am.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333 or 780-663-3730.

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