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Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Beaver County administration continue to stay in touch as the number of COVID-19 active cases increases.  We are pleased to see only a small number of new active cases overnight.

The number of active cases is now 71.

Alberta Health Services is confident that the outbreak is under control.  The cases come from a known source and the affected people are cooperating with AHS to increase testing amongst close contacts and follow the AHS guidelines for cleaning/disinfecting and physical distancing.

This includes self-isolation and quarantine where applicable.

The general population in the Beaver County Region is not at risk.

Please do your part to stop the spread by following all the guidelines of Alberta Health Services, including maintaining a distance of at least 2 metres between yourself and others, washing or sanitizing your hands, and wearing a mask in public places.

Above all, please show kindness to your neighbour.  People who have contracted the COVID-19 virus did not do so with intent and they need our compassion and support at this time.

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