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Information Regarding Avian Influenza

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Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), sometimes called ‘avian flu’ is a contagious viral disease that
affects many domestic and wild bird species. Recently the AI risk level in the Province of Alberta has
been changed to RED which means that Ministerial Orders are in place to assist with investigation,
response and control of this highly pathogenic virus.
Outbreaks for AI can lead to devastating consequences for the poultry industry both at the farm level as
well as at the national level. The presence of HPAI also restricts international trade and markets in this
sector of the industry. There is no effective vaccine or cure for this disease, which can be spread to
farmed flocks during wild bird migratory season. Biosecurity is essential for protecting flocks and
preventing the disease’s spread.
There is an extremely low risk to human health and no risk to food safety.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is leading the investigation and response for this situation.
Since HPAI is a reportable disease, if you suspect or confirm a case in your flock, you MUST report it to
the CFIA by phone at 403-629-1728 or by email to
Reporting can also be done through the Province’s Office of the Chief Provincial Veterinarian at 780-427-
3448 (Toll free using 310-000 before the phone number in Alberta)
If you have concerns about sick or dead wild birds, please call your local Fish & Wildlife Office. General
information is available at Anyone who has
contact with possible HPAI in wild birds should not visit or contact any poultry until you and any
equipment or vehicle are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
Information about the response to HPAI can be found on the CFIA website at:
Additional information can also be found on the Provincial website at: