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Map of  Overall Route

Map of Overall Route

Re:     Inter Pipeline Propylene Ltd – Heartland Petrochemical Complex

Notification – Over-dimensional Modules Transportation Program

Further to our presentation at the Council meeting on May 16, 2018, Inter Pipeline Propylene Ltd. (Inter Pipeline) is providing notification and details on its upcoming heavy haul program that will include over- dimensional module moves on Highway 14 and Highway 834. Please refer to the enclosed map of the overall route and section affecting roads within Beaver County.

For the past few months, Inter Pipeline has been working diligently with Mammoet (carrier who will complete the moves), Alberta Transportation, City of Edmonton and all municipalities affected by the haul program to develop a transportation strategy plan that will ensure efficient, safe, and forewarned move of these over-dimensional module on Alberta highways and other public roads. Over the summer, Inter Pipeline completed numerous road infrastructure upgrades and modifications to accommodate the safe passage of these loads. The module are being fabricated at the Dacro and Cessco yards in Edmonton. The module will leave Edmonton through to Highway 14 on through Tofield on to Highway 834 to Highway 15 before turning on to Range Road 220 to the final destination Inter Pipeline’s Heartland Petrochemical Complex site.

The schedule has been finalized, however it is subject to change due to unforeseen weather conditions. These are heavy loads and will require frozen ground conditions to be moved on public roads. The first load is scheduled to pass through the Town of Tofield around noon on January 8, 2019 and continue throughout the day on Highway 834 to a staging area on Highway 15. The next loads are currently scheduled to reach your area on January 22, February 12 and March 5, 2019.

Based on consultation with Alberta Transport and feedback we received from the municipalities, Mammoet and Inter Pipeline will implement the following warning and safety measures for the moves:

Electronic signs will be placed on all major roads at strategic locations 72-hours in advance of each move. City of Edmonton Police Department will be engaged and will assist with traffic control in Edmonton and Mammoet pilot cars will control traffic in the rural areas.

All emergency services will be notified through the 511 call centre prior to each move.

All loads will be assisted by Mammoet support vehicles and on road mechanical support will be arranged

Inter Pipeline will update its HPC website regularly by posting notices, updates and live feeds - https://www.iplheartland.com/

Inter Pipeline will place newspaper ads in some of the local papers.

Inter Pipeline and Mammoet are committed to take all necessary measures to keep the communities along the transportation route informed at all times during the moves to ensure safety of the public and personnel involved with the moves and the integrity of the highways and roadways.

We are committed to work with you and all stakeholders along the transportation route and to promptly address any concerns you might have with the proposed transportation strategy. Any feedback and/or suggestions will be considered to ensure these moves are successful.

If you have questions regarding this notification or require further information, please contact Michelle

Dawson at 403-290-2643 or michelle.dawson@interpipeline.com


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