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Notice of Public Hearing

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A public hearing will be held regarding the proposed bylaw to adopt the Equity Industrial Park ASP and proposed bylaws to amend the IDP, MDP, and LUB

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Bylaw #18-1063 is a bylaw that proposes to adopt an updated Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan (EIP ASP) in Beaver County. The purpose of the EIP ASP is to provide a future vision, development objectives and policy direction to establish the logical expansion of the EIP.

As part of the EIP ASP update process in Beaver County, the County is also amending applicable portions of the Ryley-Beaver Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP), the County Municipal Development Plan (MDP), and the County Land Use Bylaw (LUB) to ensure alignment. The Municipal Government Act outlines the need for these statutory plans to be consistent with one another.

Beaver County Council has passed 1st reading to these bylaws (#18-1061, #18-1062, #18-1063 and #18-1064). The Village of Ryley Council has passed 1st reading to a Ryley-Beaver IDP bylaw.

A public hearing for these bylaws will be held on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 6:30 PM at the Royal Canadian Legion in Ryley (across from the County Office). Interested stakeholders wishing to comment on the proposed bylaws will have an opportunity to do so at the public hearing, however, it is requested that a copy of the written comments be sent by 4:30 PM on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, to Beaver County by email to, by fax 780-663-3602, or by mail to Box 140, Ryley, AB or to the Village of Ryley (for IDP only) by email to, by fax 780-663-3541 or by mail to Box 230, Ryley, AB, T0B 4A0.

All submissions will be public information, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Amendment to Ryley-Beaver IDP - Bylaw #18-1061
Draft Bylaw 18-1061 - Amendment to Ryley-Beaver IDP
Proposed text changes to Ryley-Beaver IDP
Schedule A – Ryley-Beaver IDP Maps 1 and 2

Amended to MDP - Bylaw #10-1062
Draft Bylaw 18 1062 Amendment To MDP
Schedule A – MDP Maps 1 and 1C

Proposed Equity Industrial Park ASP - Bylaw #18-1063
Draft Bylaw 18 1063 EIP ASP 
Schedule A Proposed EIP ASP 

Amendment to LUB - Bylaw #18-1064
Draft Bylaw 18 1064 Amendment To LUB
Schedule A – LUB Maps 10.1 and 10.4 
Proposed text changes to LUB


Jessica Lui

Development Officer