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Reeve's Message

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Reeve’s Message

Hello everyone:

For many of us, it is hard to comprehend the situation the whole world has found themselves in currently with COVID 19.

For us who live in the country here in Beaver County we have to be thankful for our wide open spaces that afford us the luxury of seeing the beginning of a late spring.

For many in cities, this privilege is not enjoyed by residents during these troubled times.
Our thoughts and our minds are crammed with sadness and emotion related to this world crisis affecting our families, loved ones, and friends.

Beaver County is very proud to partner with our own towns and villages to support our health care providers, our emergency response teams, and our staff in the seniors’ lodges. Council applauds the dedication of the wonderful management and staff of our health care facilities, seniors’ lodges, and our first responders.

Our Province and Premier are showing tremendous leadership and immediate response to this pandemic and we should be very grateful. County staff acted quickly and Beaver County was put on full alert and in compliance well ahead of the current ordinances. We are updated daily from our respected Ministers and affiliated associations.

In Beaver County, there has been a tremendous outpouring of compassion from businesses and individuals, including our FCSS and Victim Services teams, the leadership of our first responders, fire chiefs, our Beaver Ambulance Services personnel, RCMP, County Peace officers, Rural Crime Watch, and so many volunteers.

The bravery of doctors, nurses, and health care employees is extraordinary at this time and is to be applauded.

Retailers in grocery stores throughout the County deserve a tremendous amount of thanks and gratitude for the extra effort, long hours, and compliance to legislation undertaken by the owners, managers, and staff. As well, a special thanks goes to our convenience stores for complying and staying open to provide many of our necessities.

I would also like to personally commend our Deputy Reeve, Gene Hrabec, who chairs both our Beaver Emergency Services Commission and our Beaver Foundation for seniors for his leadership and guidance during this crisis.

We must not be cavalier about this current situation - we must comply and ride it out. I am personally proud to be an Albertan and a Canadian as we have addressed the situation quickly and taken it very seriously in comparison to many other countries.

The Prime Minister and our Premier keep us updated and debriefed daily. Premier Kenney appears every day, usually at 3:30 pm on CBC, with his department heads and his Chief Medical Officer. The Prime Minister addresses us everyday at 9:30 am.

Council has witnessed here in Beaver County the kindness, the extra mile of helpfulness, concern, and generosity from everyone that is able to help. It would do all of our hearts good to call a senior, a young family, or a lonely person that you know during this crisis.

Please, please comply! Isolate yourself and your loved ones! Wash your hands regularly! Keep your body sanitized, cover your nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing, and please avoid any unnecessary visits or close contact during this very contagious coronavirus disease and worldwide pandemic.

For now...

On Behalf of County Council and staff.
“Thanks to you for your commitment and help!”
This keeps our County “A place to call home”.

Jim Kallal