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Regular Council Meeting Highlights

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Cr. Smook – Request for Leave Absence

Council approved a leave of absence for Cr. Smook, effective March 19, 2019 to April 16, 2019.

Bylaw 19-1069 – Plan Cancellation Bylaw

On February 20, 2019, a Public Hearing was held to hear arguments for and against Bylaw 19-1069 – Plan Cancellation Bylaw. The Bylaw proposes to cancel a portion of Plan 3076 KS. The existing plan was registered as a public works plan in 1956 for reservoir, waterline, and ditch purposes. The Village of Holden has indicated the plan is no longer in use for the intended purpose and would like to transfer the land back to the adjacent landowners. Council passed a motion to defer further readings of the Bylaw pending further information from the Village of Holden on the drainage concerns.

Administration advised Council that the proposed cancellation of the Plan does not appear to cause an overflow of water into the surrounding area since no water flows into the reservoir. Water from the south flows naturally to the north and east along a creek located to the east of the Plan. Council passed second and third readings of the Bylaw.

Viking RCMP Detachment

Corporal Brad Mouland and Corporal Johnson attended the meeting and reviewed the Viking Provincial

Detachments CompStat Report for January - December 2018.

Public Hearing - Lease of Municipal Reserve

A Public Hearing was held to hear arguments for and against the lease of Municipal Reserve, Plan 762

0125; Block 1; Lot R5 in SE 26-50-20-W4 (Willow Lake Estates). Two letters of concern were received as well as several persons were present at the public hearing. The comments in the letters and from persons

at the public hearing include concerns with the current thistle and weed status and concerns with potential

livestock that could damage existing fencing. The landowner to the south of Lot R5 in Plan 762 0125, Block

1, Lot 4, raised a concern with access to the back of their property. Currently, the landowner would enter into Lot R5 to access their property.

Council passed a motion to defer the lease of the municipal reserve until January 2020, to allow for time to address the concerns.

Birch Grove Estates Local Improvement Tax

In August 2018, the residents of Birch Grove Estates submitted an expression of interest for long-term dust control. A Local Improvement Tax Plan was mailed to all affected landowners in February 2019 and a petition against the proposed tax has been received.

The Municipal Government Act indicates that for a petition to be sufficient (and therefore to bind Council), it must be signed by 2/3 of the landowners who would be liable to pay the local improvement tax and who represent at least ½ of the value of the property assessments on which the tax would be imposed.

Upon review of the petition, it is not sufficient. The petition met the test for ½ of the value of the property assessments, but it did not meet the test for 2/3 of the landowners’ signatures.   The total number of landowners liable to pay the tax is 35. The number of landowners who signed the petition is 19 (54%).

Section 226(3) of the Act indicates that if a petition is not sufficient, Council is not required to take notice of it. Council, however, has discretion in its response to the petition.

Several landowners from Birch Grove Estates attended the meeting to speak in support of the petition. Council passed a motion that Council acknowledge the insufficiency of the petition against the proposed

Birch Grove Estates local improvement tax, that Council discontinue its proposed plan for a road surfacing

project in Birch Grove Estates, and to direct administration to amend the Dust Control Policy to enhance communication.

Village of Ryley Council

The Village of Ryley Council members and Interim Chief Administrative Officer, Al Harvey, attended the meeting to discuss items of concern regarding the Intermunicipal Development Plan, development in the Urban Fringe, and future growth needs.

Pest Control Level of Service Policy

Council reviewed the amended Pest Control Level of Service Policy. Council made a motion to maintain the current level of service outlined in the Pest Control Policy, except with the removal of the Beaver Bounty portion; and that Level of Service on Municipally Licensed Waterways be Limited to one annual inspection; the motion was defeated.

Council passed a motion to authorize administration to develop a request for proposal for the development of a Water Management Strategy.

Treaty Six Acknowledgement Policy

Council approved the Treaty Six Acknowledgement Policy. The purpose of the policy is to provide guidelines for acknowledging the traditional lands of Treaty Six First Nations.

2019 Public Works Construction Schedule

Council approved the 2019 Public Works Construction Schedule.

2019 Graded Aggregate Seal Coat Contract

Council accepted the bid received from Ant Construction Ltd in the amount of $887,952.00 (plus GST) for supply and application of Graded Aggregate Seal Coat (Chip Seal).

Bridge Weight Restriction

Council authorized administration to place a 15 tonne weight restriction on Bridge File 08121, located on

Township Road 494 west of Secondary Highway 857.

Community Support Applications

Council approved the following Community Support Applications:





Tofield Health Foundation

(Community Attraction & Retention Committee)


$500, subject to the Town of

Tofield and the Village of

Ryley matching the funding.

FCSS Tofield/Ryley Beaver

County West


$576(in kind camping fees)

Good News Community

Church – Youth Group


$2500, subject to the Village of Ryley matching the funding.

Holden Junior Cattlemen


Sponsorship ($2,000) & Capital ($500)


Kids Spot Tofield Playgroup



Maple Lodge Community



$ Up to a maximum of 3,400, payable upon submission of receipts.

Town of Tofield



Town of Viking



Bylaw 19-1070 – Municipal Parks Bylaw

The County’s Municipal Parks Bylaw regulates the conduct for the two campgrounds (Camp Lake and Black Nugget Lake). The amended Bylaw will prohibit the consumption of cannabis in a Public Place. This amendment will treat the consumption of cannabis in a public place in the same manner as the consumption of alcohol in a public place.

Council passed three reading of Bylaw 19-1070- Municipal Parks Bylaw.

Reservation/Cancellation Refund Policy

To provide better management and visitor satisfaction, administration presented a policy for Reservations, Cancellations and Refunds at the municipal campgrounds (Black Nugget Lake and Camp Lake). This policy will stop the practice of over-booking and last-minute cancellations which have been effectively blocking other campers from booking the sites.

This also ensures that the reservation holder is responsible for the actions of all party members. Refunds will not be given for an eviction, vacating a campsite early, or inclement weather.

Council approved the Reservation/Cancellation/Refund Policy.

Ducks Unlimited Canada Conservation Easement

Council acknowledged the Notice of Proposed Conservation Easement from Ducks Unlimited Canada and waived the 60-day waiting period for registration for the N1/2 and SW 8-51-16-W4.

Ducks Unlimited Canada – Land Purchase Request

Council approved the sale of 0.45 acres of land in SW 3-46-11-W4 to Ducks Unlimited Canada.

Road Closure Request – Road Plan 17AG

Council passed a motion to close Road Plan 285817AG in NW 3350-20-W4, subject to approval from

Alberta Transportation.

Train Whistle Requests

Council passed a motion to not proceed with engineering site safety assessments for the whistle cessation requests at Township Road 492 and Range Road 161 and proceed to submission to Transport Canada without a safety assessment.

Governance Refresher

Council passed a motion to host a governance refresher workshop for Beaver County officials, Towns and Village officials, and BESC officials, facilitated by SAGE Analytics.

The next Committee of the W hole meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, 2019, commencing at 8:30 am.

The next Regular Council Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 17, 2019, commencing at

8:30 am.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333 or 780-663-3730.

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