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TC Energy - Blowdown Notification

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TC Energy has notified Beaver County that they will be working on NW 20-48-16-W4 doing a blowdown on September 7, 2022 beginning between 8am - 11am, it will take approximately 5 hours.

At TC Energy, the safety of the public and their employees is a top priority. To ensure their pipeline system continues to meet the highest safety standards, they periodically preform routine maintenance as part of their Pipeline Integrity Maintenance Program. As part of this work, you may hear a sustained loud noise known as a "blowdown".

A blowdown is the act of releasing natural gas from the pipeline system so work can be done safely of the depressurized facilities. TC Energy employees will close the required valves to isolate the facilities and then open a blowdown valve to safely depressurize in a controlled manner. A loud roaring sound may occur when the natural gas is released, although TC energy may employ tools to minimize this noise whenever possible.