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The snow is here! Snow & ice control lowdown

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It seems we can no longer avoid the snow, it's here. So, here's the lowdown on how the County handles the fluffy (and sometimes not-so-fluffy) stuff:
Q: When does the County send out the snow plows?
A: We leap into action when the snow stacks up to about 100 mm (4 inches).
Q: What if it looks like a snow globe exploded?
A: We aim to get those bus routes and main roads cleared within 48 hours, and all local roads within 72 hours. But if Mother Nature throws a curveball, or we're in a snowpocalypse, it might take a bit longer.
Q: Will my road be first? Pretty please?
A: Your emails, calls, and messages every winter haven't gone unnoticed, we hear you. But let's lay down some cold, hard facts: with over 2,600 kilometers of roads in the county, our snow-clearing superheroes can't be everywhere at once. It's a big job, and while we can't perform miracles, we're doing our darnedest to make those roads safe and passable as quickly as possible.
Here's our battle plan: Bus routes are up first, then collector roads, and onto local roads. We're also on a mission to ensure emergency services can get out and do their thing. And for those wondering about driveways - yes, we're on it, but they're a little further down the list. Keep in mind, our snow warriors might shuffle this order if it helps us conquer the snow more effectively.
We know waiting can be a drag, and we can't make everyone's winter wishes come true, but we promise our crews are out there fighting the good fight against the flakes.
So, while we can't control the weather (we're still working on that), we're all geared up to keep the County moving. Stay warm and drive safe out there!
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