Community Services

Fire Services

Established in 2010, the Beaver Emergency Services Commission (BESC) has a mandate of fire protection, as well as possible additional mandates of emergency management (disaster services), ambulance services, community peace officer, enhanced RCMP, industry and other. The regional partnership, the first of its kind in Alberta, consists of six local volunteer fire stations, Tofield Station #1, Ryley Station #2, Holden Station #3, Bruce Station #4, Viking Station #5 and Kinsella Station #6 with over 110 firefighters. Collectively, they respond to more than 300 calls annually.

The Regional Fire Chief manages the operation of volunteer fire stations in each of the Towns of Tofield and Viking, the Villages of Ryley and Holden, and the Hamlets of Bruce and Kinsella. Level of service varies from Level 3 in Tofield and Viking (full fire suppression, rescue efforts, and first aid application), to Level 2 in Ryley and Holden (full fire suppression and first aid application), and Level 1 in Bruce and Kinsella (grass fire suppression and first aid application). Individual fire station operations are managed by a District Fire Chief with the efforts of many dedicated volunteer firefighters.

For more information visit, call 780-336-3041 or email For emergencies, call 911. 

Fire Permits

Fire permits are required year-round from January 1 until December 31. Permits are available from the BESC (Beaver Emergency Services Commission) office, online, or from the following fire guardians:

  • Town of Tofield Ph: 780-662-3269
  • Village Of Ryley  Ph: 780-663-3653
  • Beaver County Office (Ryley) Ph: 780-663-3730
  • Village of Holden Ph: 780-688-3928
  • Dave Oleksyn (Tofield) Ph: 780-951-3607
  • Blair Ewasiuk ( Holden) Ph: 780-603-0179
  • Rob Roulston ( Bruce) Ph: 780-254-0224
  • 50th Street Auto (Viking) Ph: 780-336-2526
  • BESC Headquarters (Viking) Ph: 780-336-3041
  • Kelly Overbo (Kinsella) Ph: 780-336-5518
  • Regional Fire Chief Ph: 780-336-3041

Fire Permits are valid for 14 days and are free of charge.

For more information, please visit the BESC website.

Emergency Management

The County's Regional Director of Emergency Management, manages the County's Municipal Emergency Management Plan and is responsible for disaster recovery efforts in the event of a local disaster. 

Close ties are maintained with the incorporated municipalities within the County's boundaries to ensure a coordinated response in the event of an emergency. In addition, mutual aid agreements are in place with surrounding municipalities for additional assistance if required.

For more information visit, call 780-336-3041 or email For emergencies, call 911. 


Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Tofield Detachment (Tofield, Holden and Ryley)
(780) 662.3353
For emergencies, call 911.

Viking Detachment (Viking, Kinsella and Bruce)
(780) 336.3441
For emergencies, call 911.  

Beaver Emergency Medical Services

Beaver EMS, Viking

Beaver EMS provides ambulance services to Tofield, Ryley, Holden, Viking and Beaver County with two Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances stationed in Tofield, and one ALS unit in Viking.  They are dispatched by the Strathcona Emergency Dispatch Center in Sherwood Park, Alberta using enhanced 911. 

The administration office for Beaver EMS is located in Tofield across the parking lot from the Tofield Health Centre.

For more information, please contact Wes Baerg, Paramedic, Manager, Beaver Ambulance Society at (780) 662-6352 or visit