Holden School

Holden School

Beaver County is located in the Battle River School Division # 31, a diverse school division dedicated to fulfilling the vision "Every Student, Every Day, A Success."

P: (780) 672.6131
T: 1.800.262.4869

Ryley School (K-9) - Ryley                                      
C.W. Sears Elementary School (K-4) - Tofield         
Tofield School (5-12) - Tofield                                  
Viking School (K-12) - Viking                                    
Holden Colony School (K-9) - Southwest of Holden                         
Iron Creek Colony School (1-9) - South of Bruce                    
Tofield Colony School (1-8) - South of Tofield                          
Viking Colony School (K-9) - Northeast of Viking                          

More Learning Opportunities

Preschools and playgroups include Tofield Preschool Recreation Program, Little Monsters Playgroup (Tofield), Viking Preschool (Alberta Child and Family Services), Ryley's Tiny Tots Playgroup and Holden Parent Nursery Association.

Battle River Training Foundation
provides access to college credit courses.